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  1. leaving this hell hole i'll miss you!

    email any time secretsocial@live.com

    love to hear from you

  2. absolutely, i mean it's clearly the story of a pervert (yorke) and a child, perhaps a relation or a friend's child, that he lusts after. he can't look the child in the eye lest his true intentions are revealed, the child is angelic in his eyes and its supple skin literally makes our pervetagonastic cry. he wishes he was special enough for the child to love but he realises that he is nothing more than a pervert, a creep, a weirdo although he acknowledges that he shouldn't be there (in the child's bedroom) he nevertheless cannot stop himself. the song climaxes with the terrified child running from yorke, he gives chase, finally cornering the child and promising he will do whatever makes the child happy. in the final spine chilling moments we are left unsure if he has left the child's innocence intact or committed an act of gross pedophilia.
  3. I am the key to the lock in your house That keeps your toys in the basement And if you get too far inside You'll only see my erection
  4. why because it's hard to stomach that a guy you idolise gets hard for kiddies?
  5. i'd still like to see you run riot with an alias, or maybe you have already dystopia/salt hmmmmmmm
  6. so are you still planning on inventing an alias?
  7. i thought this user name up independently, i have no idea what it means though
  8. you quoting the bible is not helping ; D

  9. if there's anyone that can wear that hat, its you.

  10. yeah well kanye's gat aint got shit on bush's g.a.t.t., bustin' them mo fo africans in da ass biatch
  11. oh man woooowww, i don't have $135 to spare but how much do i really need to eat this week

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