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  1. thom is definitrly a white album fan. i mean, when you think about it, the white album is the most eclectic beatles album .....and thom is the most eclectuc member of radiohead...... except maybe jonny.... but he was born in 1971!!!
  2. great record ya, desert island disc is not my fav but the band themselves sure do love it, like i said b4 i think the numbers does what did does but more effectively. they're similarly structured songs, this repetitive 3 chord thing. not slighting the simplicity- that's kinda what rh do best, simple song at its core with unexpected things going on within and around it--spectre tho is my fav of this "set" or whatever. such a killer tune. i wish they'd try to do it live tho i realize that it would be difficult and probably boring without all those strings. anyway carry on
  3. coachella right? friends said it was a train wreck last weekend
  4. kid a and amesiac we're both recently reissued as 12", they're still doubles for some reason though
  5. who's gonna be in berkeley tonight??? i'll be there
  6. i listened again this morning, the numbers is a good one i take it backkkkkk
  7. desert island disk and the numbers bog this record down, theyre good, but the rest of the thing is really great. spectre & ill wind tho are dope. neither fit in the scheme of the album, sure, but theyre better songs i think
  8. ir disc 2 is streamin' on apple musik now, so we can keep arguing about b-sides n stuff
  9. man they gotta put this jam on record!!!!! identikit single bside or somethin
  10. advance cd-r singles like that get sent to radio stations for advance play all the time. that's what that is, seller might be a DJ for a college station or something. still f'd up to try to sell it for big big cash tho
  11. yeah, satanic majesties was an anomaly in the rolling stones' career, she's a rainbow was included on satanic majesties, but there were also 2 non album songs from that album released as singles: we love you bw/ dandelion. anyway, yeah skuj youre pickin up what im puttin down, doesnt matter at all in today's context, long fork and i were just havin a time
  12. yeah maybe pavement is a better example, releasing ep's when they really didn't have to. i assume matador wasn't really pressing them to deliver things like that. however, the stones did similar things, songs like have you seen your mother baby, ruby tuesday, many more, were not released on uk versions of their albums. the american releases would include them though, same with beatles albums
  13. well if we're gonna talk about beatles, now im not sure when they actually had "total control" of their output, but even as late as the white album george martin was picking singles i.e. lady madonna and hey jude. strawberry fields & penny lane were rush released as a single because they were the first songs recorded for what would become sgt. pepper, george martin was getting pressure from the label to supply a new beatle single since it had been almost a year since revolver had been released. not saying they weren't thinking about quality or not irt those songs, but singles meant way more to a label and the record buying public at large at that time. anyway i dont care about radiohead anymore because of thise debate THANKS A LOT u guys
  14. i only filter discussions concerning radiohead b-sides thru my pc lens, it's the only thing really worth fighting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. spectre is the flip on the burn the witch 7" single, or, burn the witch is the flip on the spectre single
  16. https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-Nude/master/97309 proof
  17. and yes the IR disc 2 tracks are in fact b-sides, as most of them were packaged as b-sides for in rainbows singles
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