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  1. ^ Should show up on the tour section.
  2. They play EIIRP at pretty much every show, lucky for you
  3. People seem perfectly enthusiastic to me.
  4. Maybe this is being pedantic, but it's not the East Coast it's more like the South and a bit of the Midwest, lol. Also, I'm positive they will announce more shows. Really doubt they'd skip the West Coast.
  5. "find the time and the money to go see them." Um, not so simple.
  6. Announce where I live Radiohead!!!
  7. I feel the opposite. I'd say IR is the Radiohead album with the least great songs.
  8. Cool to see where I live in Stanley's artwork and this seems fairly likely to be AFP artwork considering it's LA and Eraser style, hopefully that's not just wishful thinking from me. EXCITEMENT!
  9. The drums never change in Separator! Pyramid Song.
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