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  1. I also bought a ps4 for this game. looks like it will be a step forward. Hope it comes to PC so i can buy it AGAIN.
  2. If someone wanked off in front of me i guess i'd just walk out
  3. I came away pretty disappointed. It's not a bad film it just puts the series in the hands of people i really don't give a shit about. Kylo Ren's torn nature is interesting in a way (mainly how Adam Driver portrays it) but having him as the main villain? The First Order is obviously evil as fuck but it's figurehead is now basically an Emo teenager. Finn basically didn't have a point. Rey... I just think Daisy Ridley is a shit actor tbh. There's a line on the top of that cliff with the sitting stone where she basically says to Luke "What is the dark side?" or some shit and it's so awfully delivered i think i actually winced. I was quite critical of The Force Awakens after the initial buzz but i really think it was a better Star Wars movie. I watched that and came away beaming. Star Wars really isn't any deeper than that, and that is totally fine.
  4. Been pretty slack myself recently. Pretty much resigned to having a pretty on/off relationship with photography :/ Hopefully it picks up. Here's one from a couple mornings ago after i got out the shower.
  5. I thought the last episode was the funniest of the season. Cop Morty was hilarious
  6. Really beautiful. I'm assuming they're fireflies?
  7. I've always kinda thought the gameplay gets better and the story gets worse as MGS games go along. With the exception of 3
  8. Been having fun with my old nikon 50mm f1.4 on my olympus. Haven't been doing much recently so theyre just some flower pics really.
  9. My area (Mansfield) shifted to the tories. Labour held on in Ashfield by 0.9%. I feel like an alien. whatever happens in forming the next government, a labour majority guaranteed in the next election imo. Shame there's probably 5 more years of hurt to come before it.
  10. Just finished the new Mass Effect. meh. I'm a big fan of the original trilogy but this just missed the mark for me. Forgettable characters and plot.
  11. Got this recently on PC and bum it hard. Any PC players here? I'm a pro Genji
  12. Haven't been shooting much as i've been moving house and being dreadfully poor but here's my girlfriends cat
  13. I wanna see more beautiful places If i ever go to America i think i'll avoid cities and see nothing but wilderness.
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