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  1. Been pretty slack myself recently. Pretty much resigned to having a pretty on/off relationship with photography :/ Hopefully it picks up. Here's one from a couple mornings ago after i got out the shower.
  2. Really beautiful. I'm assuming they're fireflies?
  3. Been having fun with my old nikon 50mm f1.4 on my olympus. Haven't been doing much recently so theyre just some flower pics really.
  4. Haven't been shooting much as i've been moving house and being dreadfully poor but here's my girlfriends cat
  5. I wanna see more beautiful places If i ever go to America i think i'll avoid cities and see nothing but wilderness.
  6. Been using an old Nikon 50mm as a portraight lens on my olympus. Old lenses just have a look to them.
  7. Some great stuff over the past few pages, too much to mention/remember! I haven't been shooting too much recently but heres a few
  8. Good to see you back! That book looks amazing - really high quality. I managed to find the time to scan some B&W
  9. Middle England, Nottinghamshire. Sorry I wasn't being deliberately vague i just didn't think it interesting enough to mention haha
  10. Its around a coal disposal point near where i live. Basically a hill made of waste coal
  11. Been shooting some film again now the weather is picking up And an instawank cameranerdhipster shot to close Have some developer on order so should have some B&W up soonish
  12. Was going to post the exact same thing. Looks awesome
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