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  1. anyone got 2 extra Boston? Dont remember if commerce was allowed in this thread...
  2. anyone know when osheaga single days will approximately go on sale?
  3. any msg experts have opinions on non-GA seating? I fucked up and am gonna have to pay resale, honestly im willing to get those ~270 tickets in the back on the lower floor but im not sure if the price will go down or those will dry up. are the nosebleeds worth it?
  4. feels like we're only going backwords (from elephant) is incredibly catchy
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSv0ducC-lM blue chips was pretty solid, bronson's pretty consistent and got many quotables but it kinda gets old after like 10 listens
  6. chronological? ive had slanted and enchanted forever, and still i dont think its entirely grown on me. just got the other ones though and ive been on a pavement binge past couple of days, alternating between crooked rain and brighten the corners (which may be one of my favorite albums, cant believe i never listened to it before). I feel like any of the middle three are instantly enjoyable
  7. id say this is on par with, if not a continuation, of summerteeth. Still doesnt touch the middle three (YHF, ghost, and sky blue sky) in my opinion
  8. i was really hoping he'd do more barebones guitar stuff, closer to the acoustic version of Kid Klimax or I know I will escape from the rough trade ep
  9. o ya and tong poo! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRpihmon8kg and its a travesty that he and Yo-Yo Ma have never worked together
  10. im pretty sure those tumblers belong to bane's group, i saw 10 takes of a scene where marion cotillard (raz al gul's daughter) walks into one
  11. straight up songs, ill do one for hip hop too 1. The Beatles - She's Leaving Home 2. The Beach Boys - God Only Knows 3. Neil Young - On The Beach 4. David Bowie - Lady Stardust 5. Neil Young - Love In Mind 6. Television - Marquee Moon 7. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here 8. David Bowie - Life on Mars? 9. Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill 10. Led Zeppelin - Over The Hills and Far Away
  12. o and the woman there referenced shooting at "the stadium" and she enunciated THE. So im guessing heinz field, but what they're gonna do with that i dunno. She also said how there are absolutely no cell phones on set and that christian bale will attack you with your cell phone if he hears it go off.
  13. so just came back, looks like a good amount of us are gonna get the call. new details i hadnt heard: the movie will take place in the "dead of winter". Which is funny cause its 90 degrees right now in pitt.
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