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  1. anyone got 2 extra Boston? Dont remember if commerce was allowed in this thread...
  2. anyone know when osheaga single days will approximately go on sale?
  3. any msg experts have opinions on non-GA seating? I fucked up and am gonna have to pay resale, honestly im willing to get those ~270 tickets in the back on the lower floor but im not sure if the price will go down or those will dry up. are the nosebleeds worth it?
  4. im gonna kill myself if i ever have to listen to that woman speak again
  5. fuck, why couldnt he wait for the summer when im not in school
  6. im not really big on 1983, but los angeles is brilliant imo
  7. and, if someone could manage to get DOOM rap on this it would be album of the decade
  8. is this echoplex or the orpheum show? cause when i started downloading it says live at the echoplex
  9. lol, what was supposed to be cool about this thing? mines damaged on the front and the side edge
  10. alright guys, so im taking photo and im doing a presentation on Hiroshi Sugimoto anyone wanna post some favorite pictures?
  11. "hip hop" like audible mainframe and cold duck complex and apollo sunshine. not really, eh, phenomenal.
  12. o and of course thom was in a good mood, its hard not to have a good time in southern california, especially coming from olde wet eengland
  13. their performance was awesome, but nothing can top a pregnant M.I.A. dancing around in a Paper Planes "remix"
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