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  1. byebyeAmerica


    i got nothing left to say oh god why is this the last thing i have to see on this board... lame
  2. because bad things happening to bad people would be redundant
  3. only heard over the edge is all i've heard so far, but i'm guessing the first two are essential as well so in time...
  4. bardo pond is fucking amazing this is the band sonic youth should have been during the 90s
  5. i checked the deathmatch threads to see who you voted against neil
  6. true, interpol are a pretty good BAND for one album an album that joy division achieved better results with but a good album nonetheless
  7. neil's a better guitarist than anyone in interpol neil just for his music>>>interpol without listening to their lyrics
  8. hugely distinct in that they're the most nonsensical indie artwank bullshit lines i've ever heard
  9. what is NATURAL? and does that justify anything anyways?
  10. best intro song to a concert ever http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XUM47IJM
  11. favorite question goes to: my roommate chilly, on the phone to a friend: guess who's going to jail didn't bob odenkirk make a movie outta that
  12. nothing really, he looked like he was crying though when i went over to him. i assured him it was ok...i think i got my money's worth with this trip. lots of things made more clear, life just keeps gettin better i gamblin with my spirituality and i won:icon_lol:
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