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  1. do you feel better about yourself the more you collect radiohead items you don't gigantic waste of time and money i lose or scratch most cds i buy, so i'm content with high quality mp3s of all radiohead material...a shirt or two...and thats it i'll buy the bonnaroo dvd though
  2. radicoocoo owns the condom thom was wearing when noah was conceived he even showed me the tiny little hole he cut in it before placing it back on the tour bus
  3. yeah, that shit was a crazy good movie man fuck
  4. to change personalities, if only for a short while?
  5. matt, what motivates you to put exclamation points in most of your posts just curious
  6. will download on sunday when my bandwidth quota resets only 5gigs of traffic a week:icon_evil
  7. you guys have no idea the things rex has been suicidal over
  8. one last observation: the things i was saying about radiocoocoo obviously made jonathan feel threatened, in some way. my guess is that he deleted it because rex pmed him at 5 in the morning, suicidal over what this could mean for his image with the band
  9. again guys radiocoocoo has an email address with green plastic. but besides that, i'm done with this thread until jonathan enters it. because it's just speculation about speculation about a thread that doesn't exist anymore
  10. aye, he's clearly worth more to jonathan than the entire community combined, which...is fucking scary. i'm just one poster, one of a select few who has posted here continuously from the beginning and at a fairly constant pace. i can't help but think that people like cindy, roger, penny, josh, jimi, etc. have done more for green plastic than rex ever could hope to with his 'insider' 'information'
  11. it's unfortunate that when a thread gets deleted, all of the posts go with it. there's a 30 minute gap missing from my posting history last night
  12. i know someone must have seen the thread last night. i can attempt to retrace my steps and rewrite it, but it was about 6 posts worth of freestyle raps/poems...so that's not exactly easy
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