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  1. i thought the dead baron was pretty good but he's dead now
  2. letting other people play your songs is tough hard not to be like NO PLAY IT HOW I SAY !!!! but i want them to grow into a little too.
  3. you guys are acting like this happened in a vacuum. ive been doing these botb for like five years now and the first 3-4 years it was always the same 5-6 guys who voted against me every round and usually didnt even participate otherwise. it's not even really that bad this year, but it certainly brings to mind the old days seeing some of those names up there. i dont care if they are people who havent voted in the previous rounds, any non-alias should be able to vote any time. it's just fucking obvious lol. i mean after i made that bitter-joke post penny actually came into this thread to deliver what has to be the only really negative post this thread has to offer - a post dripping with snark and dork rage - ironically proving my original post correct!
  4. nah i got annoyed at lame mooks-haters, then someone questioned the integrity of my music so i responded with bemusement. to be even more clear, i never once complained about losing to thomas j or had anything but positive things to say about my opponents in this contest, only the discouraging way the final rounds played out because of timing issues/bias. the actual losing song vs song was no issue in my book.
  5. i dont have any cash and im inexperienced. if that isnt actually 'raw' then what the fuck is.
  6. well yeah, to be clear this is how i feel. i think you are a fine musician too with a lot of unique abilities and have no issue losing to you. or at all really i mean i thought i was supposed to make bitter comments? this isnt like last time when i lost to no vacancy and like my contest had 40 mote votes than the next highest contest. it's not really that bad i guess this time, just reminds me of the old contests. i used to have okcomputer, test tones, and rapefish all vote against me every round in every contest, which was annoying.
  7. wait a second wait lol what exactly are you listening to? this is a little baffling i mean i'm not a fucking ham, it's not like i'm the tindersticks or something.
  8. the machinations of the post-pubescent girl remain a mystery eh
  9. can't really argue with this, except you did vote before i made my bitter jokes.
  10. No one has anything to say about the tracks which sucked oh hey look rapefish and penny come out of the cracks to vote just in time. Almost made it before the handicap kicked in.
  11. sorry dude ill have it in tomorrow evening
  12. yeah finishing one up give me a second jees
  13. or because you guys took 50 weeks between this round and last ffs even i forgot about this thing
  14. well i thought we did a good job anyway
  15. i say you submit 10 songs at the start and he rolls em out as you progress
  16. its monday we have until friday to send something in? this thing is dead in the water lol
  17. we're missing a couple votes yo vote guys other rounds have more votes than us ??
  18. yeah basically should have just 'lyrics: handglops lyrics' !!!
  19. omgdh this is justcleezy hahah sorry on other computer can a mod delete these or file them under "justcleezy"
  20. you sound like you are really straining yourself during that "woo" though, calm down omg the energy is enbareable
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