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  1. where are you living now kafka? still bay area?
  2. cab you should let me know next time a little more ahead of time i wanna see your new band. also we should play a show together!
  3. played the best gig of my life on friday night. first time with my somewhat-new band. got another guitarist and a new drummer who slays. it's how ive always envisioned my shit sounding live and i couldn't be more excited to play more shows!
  4. i got a cover i could do but i only just saw this guy
  5. sorry i didnt make it cabrony, i planned on it but i was just too tired. next time.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/tommy-praisewater/fire
  7. mooks

    Youtube Your Art

    whoops! i thought this was the longest thread. my bad i'll repost. thanks for listenin anyway
  8. mooks

    Youtube Your Art

  9. https://soundcloud.com/tommy-praisewater/07-rising-up
  10. played this to end our set last night. it was a house party and the keg was gone it was so much fun! https://soundcloud.com/tommy-praisewater/07-search-destroy
  11. yeah i dont want to do a solo song i was just saying i could
  12. i could do a solo song too
  13. http://thebrickspdx.bandcamp.com/
  14. ive written two songs for a full band in the last year. keep writing solo stuff.
  15. yeah i live in portland. we put on a show at my drummer's house, in the basement. had four bands together and a keg. was a pretty decent crowd.
  16. they wanted us to play an encore even but we didnt have any extra songs. so we played this a heroin cover. couldnt remember any of the good lyrics so i could only repeat the shitty ones for four minutes.
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