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    i got a better idea: ban tmonk ban em
  2. mooks

    GP update

    this thread has become a banner for facism
  3. mooks

    GP update

    in case you missed it, greenplastic.com has been updated. for more details, http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/115862-gp-update/
  4. hahahahahahahaaa i wish we still had church of ack
  5. i just explained why it mattered who are you do you use YA regularly if you do not then maybe you should go away
  6. who cares if it is popular why not just make a kesha forum then she's more popular nowadays than radiohead
  7. yes but it's basically MT's version of jersey shore. your art is people actually doing something worthwhile, even when it sucks. one your art post is worth 100,000 SHR posts.
  8. your art is a cool, functional forum why dont we get rid of the gossip girl/angsty dork live journal SHR forum that serves no purpose
  9. one issue is that you dont have an easy link back to the forum index at the bottom and top of the threads. you have to score all the way to the top!
  10. remember when we could postive or negetive things? i had like -47 on my profile.
  11. less forgiving and more critical of people's 'opinions'
  12. nah havent left yet still on hold!

  13. to make things easier, you should just give me the power to lock any thread.
  14. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HUZV3828

    thats the zip of everything in the she's my medicine folder

  15. dope thanks cindy

  16. can't even take you seriously here anymore, it's all fucking trolling.

  17. combine it with SHR. same types of people post about it and it would make it easily avoidable for people who don't suck. dont put it in the fucking arts forum man. last thing we need in that forum is an influx of pea coat threads.
  18. indeed it is! or was two hours ago! thanks cindi!

  19. nothing wrong with it, whatevs just surprised me is all. didnt realize you were that far ahead
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