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  1. mooks


    oh jeez is that what she said not going to talk about that here. martha always had more/closer friends here and if it behooves her to discuss that stuff with you guys she's perfectly entitled to do so.for myself, i don't know what good it would do to smear my personal business all over this message board. people who always hated me wouldn't listen to anything i said anyway. its a fucking joke to bring that up, though, and a testiment to user chris's immaturity and naïveté. i would guess he knows even less than he thinks he does, and his shit campaign is as stupid as it is mean. and at the end of the day none of this has to do with the topic of public figures of significant power sexually abusing subordinates.
  2. mooks


    ???? did i tease you for liking the wrong bands in 2013 or something?
  3. mooks

    the black ram

    oh man what the FUCK
  4. i cant imagine what its like to be disappointed by a super hero movie at this point, let alone a DC super hero movie. wonder woman was as horrible a cinematic experience as they come, not to mention disgusting as a political message. BvS was a grim slog. joss whedon's schtick lost its charm around the time of avengers 2, so i cant imagine him half assing a DC super hero movie could induce any expectation above dinosaur bones. i'll see it, though, out of curiousity, and because i still usually have a good time watching these shit movies. and because i got movie pass! so movies are free!
  5. mooks

    the black ram

    this is/was me for a long time, before i dove into sojouner. i thought trials and errors was great and all i really needed, id occasionally spin josephine too but i wasnt in love with that record.
  6. mooks

    the black ram

    this song is a good example of what this guy was capable of: I think the combination of instruments/lyrics in the climax of this song is something molina is extremely good at, and something he did throughout his career in fits and starts: black crow, love leaves it abuser, etc. i think it's at his best here. i wanna read that book really bad but it's $35 and even the kindle is $17 lol? its the only thing i put on my xmas list with my parents/siblings to get this year, but i cant bring myself to fork out that much cash esp cuz im convinced in one year it will cost a fraction of that.
  7. mooks

    the black ram

    really love this phase of molina career.
  8. well, i am a lot busier now than i used to be, so i do have less time. but otoh i do have a lot of time driving, usually 2 hours a day, but i always find myself grabbing some podcasts or listening to audiobooks nowadays. i have strong phases where i jam some classic stuff i'll never get sick of, usually molina or oldham. i listened to the new protomatyr and that was sick. i don't have a strong drive to sit down and get into new music like i used to though and i'd rather listen to people talking.
  9. hardly ever listen to music anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mooks


    i dont understand. edit: not to box
  11. mooks


    ?????? he forced women to watch him masturbate, fuck him, he does not get to be famous anymore and i hope they tear him down and make an example out of him and anyone else they find.
  12. thor was ok. it was funny, even though it missed a ton of times with its jokes it landed enough of them. actors are charming. didn't care for any of the action scenes at all, though. can't give a shit anymore about those spectacular cgi fake shots, and at no point was i wondering who was going to win a fight or did i think that my protagonists would not succeed. so i don't eee how you can have a good action scene with these parameters. it's just filler in a comedy movie st this point.
  13. mooks

    Blade Runner 2

    saw this a second time last weekend and im doubling down. this movie is so good. i think there are some criticisms to be made, for sure, but it's a blast to watch.
  14. yes wedding present rule super hard. sometimes i forget and then i listen to something like this and im fuckin blown away all over again
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