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  1. a bigger, more respectable, more competent Gradus.
  2. so this morning I felt like listening to "decks dark". i played it on the little ipod port and then played "identikit" next. i kept it rolling with "present tense" and had time for one more i played "glass eyes". if i had time i think "burn the witch would've been next. after so much time that we all spent ranking the songs [which is a pointless exercise i will admit], i guess my real actions in the known and physical universe will have to stand as my final tally of likes on that album.
  3. or maybe we're due another political album but why be mad when you can dance instead
  4. my wife and I get into arguments about butter. I don't bake so I don't see the need for unsalted butter. butter on fresh bread or a toasted bagel is a rare treat. she doesn't cook, so she doesn't see the need for salted butter as salt can be adjusted easily for baking recipes. even tough a stick of butter has less than a teaspoon of salt in it [hard to believe, I know], it imparts a savory and necessary taste component when used as a flavoring agent. why the hell would I put unsalted butter on anything? just for the melty factor? butter is flavor as imperfect as it is. I say down with unsalted butter (btw, i'm an American with the palate of a Mediterranean so i'll take olive oil over butter any day of the week).
  5. is there any chance they would ever release a "com lag"-eque b-sides and other unreleased songs type album? or is that not their style? IR disk 2 was pretty dope but I wonder if they'd ever just go full retread.
  6. sweet. party woo just posted the lyrics to the new RH single. I haven't heard it yet but it has a "let down"/"myxomatosis" vibe.
  7. If you're not strong by 20, handsome by 30, or wealthy by 40 you never will be.
  8. i'm pretty sure there's an excellent aimee mann song about turning 31. in fact I think it might be called "31 today". also my lucky number so there's that too
  9. street spirit reading choices are terrible
  10. I listened to eddie vedder's "Into the wild" during dinner tonight. Such a great soundtrack.
  11. one byproduct of the modern technological economy is that more work has been offloaded onto the consumer. I personally hate it, especially intrusions into privacy as listed above, dependence on creating unnecessary accounts and passwords, and other shit that drives my dad crazy but increasingly me too. this morning when my newspaper wasn't delivered I called a phone menu, entered 4-5 separate codes, then was promptly told they couldn't access my account. fail all the way around. at least W.A.S.T.E. never disappoints!
  12. finished it. it was worth the watch. agree about the unwatchable scene ("the lobster"'s entire final scene is the most egregious example I can think of like that--or "minority report"'s eyeball transplant). I've had Netflix for all of two months and so far I think the best thing I've seen on there [apart from the documentaries which are easy to get suckered into] was "force majeure"--I REALLY liked that one.
  13. i used to post a lot on a la dodger blog but i'm in self-imposed exile. thankfully my kingdom is intact. plus im hoping for radiohead news. aside from cormac mccarthy, very little current art/entertainment still has the power to thrill me. maybe cuaron's next film?
  14. maybe a rom com with her and the giant naked blue dude from "watchmen"
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