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  1. or maybe we're due another political album but why be mad when you can dance instead
  2. is there any chance they would ever release a "com lag"-eque b-sides and other unreleased songs type album? or is that not their style? IR disk 2 was pretty dope but I wonder if they'd ever just go full retread.
  3. street spirit reading choices are terrible
  4. if that's what they do I can't say i'd blame them. it's better to go out on top than hang on for as long as you can. besides we're basically guaranteed new solo work from at least 2-3 of them if I could get one more legit album to round out the canon, i'd take it.
  5. holy smokes what a set list 2nd encore "present tense" would be the end of me fwiw: I've been to exactly one radiohead show [Hollywood bowl circa "in rainbows"]. the two most memorable performances for me were "all I need" and "idioteque" both are among my wife's favorites. "all I need" has remained in rarified air for me since that night.
  6. truthfully i cant find my cd of it and the super expensive box set didnt come with one so ill just have to hum it
  7. stop whispering the bends let down optimistic knives out scatterbrain reckoner separator present tense fog again live, four minute warning, and a reminder best of the rest . . .
  8. kid a a reminder separator all i need there there identikit reckoner lotus flower lucky fog again (live)
  9. i just created a ticket with w.a.s.t.e. asking why the cds weren't included with the box set. if they reply i'll post it.
  10. totally agree. i bought the most expensive option but almost regret getting the cd instead i recently bought the 25th anniversary edition of rem's green and the two cd format is just fine i'm not a collector (except of VN books) but i cant resist buying radiohead's latest options enjoy them while they're relevant
  11. right now the music on the new season of fargo is killing me it's so good. dat theme tho still not sure any show's music will ever top twin peaks lord of the rings, nebraska, up, all partially made by their soundtracks-- and not the collection of cool songs scorcese strategy i've forgotten the others that stood out--oh yeah, ghost dog the way of the samurai. one of the dopest movie themes ever google it and thank me later
  12. i vote for a 12 minute acoustic version of follow me around on the next lp in the mold of wilco's one sunday morning
  13. optimistic the word randomly came up during a dinner conversation so i put it on its easily a top ten rh song for me and for whatever reason i had the thought that it fits in musically directly between let down and reckoner a missing link if you will not that it sounds too much like those two but it just seems to slot there nicely in my mind
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