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  1. I think AMSP is easily their worst since OKC, but then I think TKOL is great so don't listen to me
  2. Whoops, should have paid more attention.
  3. Sod off = sawed off. Every single Radiohead song is the last thoughts of a torture victim. Thank about it.
  4. punkbass

    New Four-Song

    www.myspace.com/fragilerockers Still 100% DIY
  5. I really like the drums.
  6. No matter what anyone says, never stop posting. If you're behid that PH thing, quit it though.
  7. Yeah, I totally agree. Despite being someone who really normally enjoys and seeks complexity in music (and also despite being someone completely burned out on the whole Mars Volta et al. style), I see Reckoner as the highlight of In Rainbows with All I Need as a close second. Sometimes I even start the album at All I Need, in fact.
  8. I can already see the "lol where are the picks??" movement building in response to the dinosaur "lol where are the guitars??".
  9. Yeah, I hear that too. The fact that the other bassline disappears at that point and comes back later pretty well convinces me Colin is playing an octave up for the rest of the song.
  10. I'll check that out once Separator finishes.
  11. New Radiohead album, same Coldplay jokes. EVery goddamn time.
  12. Oh, yes, definitely. Sometimes that line sounds a bit like a bass to me, but even if it is a bass it's clearly fairly high up the fretboard.
  13. I could be wrong, but I think the bass just has a guitary sound to it. Regardless, there's clearly a bassline, whether it's actually played on a bass or not.
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