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    Pyramid Song, Where I end and you begin, a wolf at the door, knives out, (analyse)
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    I always like most the last one, so I think at the moment it's the Eraser and then HTTT
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    Massive Attack
  1. Serious question: What is pulk? (It's not to be found in the dictionary http://dict.leo.org or http://www.dict.cc )
  2. i like it since 1993 i love it since 1997 so I'm a fan for 9 years i think i prefer kid a
  3. There was one. You can see it on ifc and on youtube (search "thom yorke henry").
  4. Unfortunately my English is not so good, so I don't understand the whole interview. Can anybody be so nice to write down the whole interview? It was much easier to understand than.
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