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  1. y? being gay is just so wrong seriously in church they told us it was adam and even not adam and steve think about THAT idiot
  2. i can understand where the guy is coming from he is a rockstar who wants to be #1 he's jealous of radiohead if he covered the song and did a great job, kudos he didn't it fucking sucked
  3. he's a different person now do you understand what i'm saying? nobody gets me
  4. sure you do next time you open your mouth just remember: SHUT THE FUCK UP
  5. the only way they could check if there was a current connection would be if they wrote a function into the script that checked for recent activity every so often downsides to that would include it being highly innaccurate depending on how often it checked and if it checked too often it would slow down the server considerably depending on the load. it could adjust the frequency of checking dynamically i guess but i doubt they went through that much trouble for something so unnecessary. even if it got checked every hour, there would probably be an abundance of names to update, also signi
  6. how does MT know when you close the browser though? answer that one smart ass
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