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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the WAV's for Supercollider/The Butcher are 24bit 96khz? This makes it the most high-quality Radiohead release yet. "The King Of Limbs" WAV's are just 16bit 44.1khz (CD quality) (for those wondering the difference in WAV's and MP3's...16/44.1 is the quality of all raw & uncompressed CD audio.... 320kbps MP3 is basically the same, albeit slightly compressed) (24/96 WAV's are nearly twice the quality of CD). If you have an amplifier that supports HD audio, you can burn these tracks to a DVD and listen to them uncompressed. Hopefully this s
  2. Has anyone else noticed that out of all the records Radiohead have released, only "Kid A", "Amnesiac", and now "The King of Limbs" are 10" LP's? Do you think this is a purposeful way of saying that these albums are stylistic brethren? That they should be grouped together as separate works from the other LP's? ((Another Thought)) It's unfortunate that "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" have only been pressed at the inferior 33 1/3rpm rate (it's the only way to keep their length contained within the 10" LP's). Every record since "Hail To The Thief" has been pressed at 45rpm and "The King o
  3. I think you are maybe confusing ACL with the SXSW festival. SXSW is normally for up-and-coming bands but occasionally big groups play secret small gigs there. This seems to reek of bullshit though. I don't think the band would be scheduling US gigs yet when the new album hasn't even been announced yet.
  4. well thom isn't even really singing on the album, he's using an early version of auto-tune on that particular track. he probably just programmed a melody that went along with jonny's chord structure without thinking about if it was in his normal singing range, at the time he was very down on his own singing and looked for any excuse to do something different with it.
  5. Did you guys hear this? It's bad quality, far off from a soundcheck, but you can really hear how big and epic they are going for "The Present Tense." I love Thom's quiet version as well, but I'm so incredibly excited to hear a full band version.
  6. I won't be one of those dicks and try to force my opinion on everyone else. But I am genuinely not impressed with Arcade Fire at all. I don't think their melodies are very good and I don't think their chord progressions or lyrics are very good either. They do have a nice big sound to them, but other than that, I think they are extremely overrated and I'm surprised that the normally finicky Thom would list them on his favorites (or maybe its one of the office choices of one of the other guys). Again, I'm not trying to say I think you're stupid if you like Arcade Fire, it's just my p
  7. Ewwww...they've been listening to Arcade Fire. My respect for them has lessened a bit after learning that.
  8. ??????????? Its in a totally different time signature.... it bears no resemblance in the vocal melody.... it doesn't use arpeggios.... it uses completely different instrumentation. How do people come up with this shit? You people must have WAY too much time on your hands.
  9. I don't want to be mean, but in all honesty, that is just awful.
  10. It was around the time that they were first unveiling the blinking bear imagery in the lead-up to "Kid A." Everyone was speculating on what the bear was supposed to represent and I posted a link to a Noam Chomsky website and said that everyone was wasting their time speculating on what the meaning of the bear when there were more serious issues to discuss (I was extremely idealistic at the time), Thom responded with, "You don't understand, the bears are the cause of it all." I thought it was a really funny and cheeky way to take the piss.
  11. It was a lot better back in the "Ok Computer" days. Thom and Jonny used to go on there all the time. Thom actually responded to one of my posts and I nearly had a heart attack... it's sad how little of an acknowledgement it takes from one of your heroes to get excited.
  12. I'll admit that normally these type of docs have a very condescending tone but this one is surprisingly not preachy. The guy who made it, only did so because he was offered $100,000 by a gas company to drill on his family's land in upstate New York and he wanted to know more about it. He seems genuinely amazed by what he finds instead of talking down to everyone he meets. This is not a Michael Moore, "you're stupid and i'm not," type of doc.
  13. Self-explanatory. I hadn't seen this posted anywhere. "4 Minute Warning" appears in the amazing documentary "Gasland". It's been on HBO and on the film festival circuit and I normally wouldn't bother mentioning it, but this is a must-see film about an absolutely horrifying problem. It's about the "Halliburton Loophole" which is legislation that Dick Cheney passed before leaving office, which allows natural gas companies to go around the clean water act and use toxic chemicals to drill for natural gas under shale deposits. The process is called "fracking" and it's a hydraul
  14. Part of what makes Thom such a genius is that he would never be simple enough to write so directly about a political issue. I think the fact that Thom has never released "Follow Me Around" and never will, is precisely because of how dated and silly it is to reference Tony Blair directly by name. As much as he writes about global warming, he doesn't come out and say it directly, he goes back and makes the lyrics more vague and abstract... "Ice Age Coming..." ((I think most people weren't aware of the meaning of that lyric until they saw Al Gore's explanation of the Greenland ice melt in
  15. I always thought "Good Morning Mr. Magpie" was a sarcastic jibe at Chris Martin. He bascially made a career theiving from Thom's musical ideas and then tried really hard to become his friend...it seems to suit the lyrics perfectly.
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