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  1. Well you wouldn't write something that you couldn't play.
  2. Isn't that Use Somebody video just terrible?
  3. Chad Smith looks a lot like Will Ferrell, doesn't he?
  4. Everything in its Right Place - 16 (-) Pyramid song - 23 (+)
  5. I've seen There There live. That was pretty kickass. I'd love to see Just though. Or some really trippy variation on Hunting Bears.
  6. gif not funny gets my vote. it looks like that dog got thrown, just by the way it goes kind of limp in the air. i don't even understand how someone could crack a smile at that. and if they ask to be banned, IP ban them. that'll teach 'em.
  7. my friend and i missed the radiohead presale completely, then tried to get on the edge presale 10am friday and it didn't happen. they went too quick, and we couldn't even get two seats together.
  8. Please, I'm begging you. I need four. Heck, I'll take two. Whatever you've got. If not, where could I get a deal? Ebay has a little.
  9. Shit guys, my friends and I missed out on the WASTE presale. Where can I get in on this Edge presale?
  10. Kingpin

    Help Quick!

    Alright, thanks all. That helps. Best of luck to those of you buying tickets. Also, I'm curious... Does waste only hold so many tickets, then the rest are left for the public sale? edit: nvm
  11. Kingpin

    Help Quick!

    I'm sure I could find this info someplace else if I looked, but someone please just help me out here. I'm planning on buying radiohead tickets tomorrow. When I try to purchase them, it will ask me for what? My email and passoword? Where can I register for that? Is it enough to have registered at the waste shop (the "Join W.A.S.T.E." tab here: http://www.waste.uk.com/)? Help me!
  12. Hey, thanks all. Also, will I need to sign up for something to catch the presale? Or will the first crack simply be on radiohead.com?
  13. So ideally, they go on sale 8:00 PM the day before? If they're right on top of things, that is (which seems unlikely). Well, i'll know not to expect it at a certain time, unless specified, then. Thanks all. That's going to be a long day in front of the computer, but worth it.
  14. I appologize if this has been adressed someplace else. I'm waiting on ticket sales to go up for the Toronto show, and I'm wondering about the timing. Eventually radiohead.com is going to name the date when those tickets will go on sale, but at what time that day will they be up? 12 AM Toronto time?
  15. severely underrated here. great album. (except for creep).
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