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  1. Who Throws a Shoe? (+ various others): Warganization (2010-Present) Official Site Official Massage Boards Warganization Soundcloud Wergamnian Facebook Youtube Channel 1 Youtube Channel 2 Discography ("Major Releases" are bolded): 2011 releases: The Rehearsals [Part 1] (Live Studio Recordings) Bonus_popcorn.rar ("B-sides," Remixes, & Alt. Versions from Proapgandalp) 2010 releases: Merry Christmas (mixtape) Propaganda LP Propaganda Preparation: Survival Guide (mixtape) Are You Doing All You Can? Vol. 2 (mixtape) Propaganda EP Are You Doing All You Can? Vol 1 (mixtape) Log S. (2004-2008) Oreos & Milk (2005-2008) Compilation will probably post more individual releases for the Log S. years a.k.a. the "being a loner in high school" years but this was a comp i put together when stereofreeze asked me to join their blog deal
  2. aside from The Bends the song i don't really get it. influence doesn't always mean you black-and-white throw sonic references to the band in every song, though
  3. referring to me by my purposely bad alias is rubbish.
  4. beautiful. Brian, you should link the song uploads to the user names in the first post, or someone should.. hell i'll do it if no one else does by the time i get back.
  5. Those suck a decent amount of cock and rubbish... was crazy. jm705
  6. to be honest, i try to post as least as possible there, i don't see how i've been coined a "failure" by that knowp character.
  7. my mate, he was the first to listen.
  8. This is not a test http://www.cafepress.com/cp/prod.aspx?p=LogSmusic.37815497
  9. I just released an EP hear samples at http://www.cafepress.com/cp/prod.aspx?p=LogSmusic.37815497
  10. Experts and Such is cool i'll be "releasing" and EP soon for the fuck of it. it'll sound sort of like... Boards of Canada type melodies, aphex twin type drums, and dan the automator type ungodly samles, and other stuff.
  11. iced cooly makes me nod my head. that melody... i don't really know what to say to that.
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