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  1. i think the first band this board got me into was Modest Mouse 2nd probably Interpol good bands, thanks!
  2. shit, i always forget i joined on halloween that's real
  3. sorry, let me try that from my original account so it won't look like i'm just "goofin" where my '04 homies at
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fNFzp3LATQ
  5. Who Throws a Shoe? (+ various others): Warganization (2010-Present) Official Site Official Massage Boards Warganization Soundcloud Wergamnian Facebook Youtube Channel 1 Youtube Channel 2 Discography ("Major Releases" are bolded): 2011 releases: The Rehearsals [Part 1] (Live Studio Recordings) Bonus_popcorn.rar ("B-sides," Remixes, & Alt. Versions from Proapgandalp) 2010 releases: Merry Christmas (mixtape) Propaganda LP Propaganda Preparation: Survival Guide (mixtape) Are You Doing All You Can? Vol. 2 (mixtape) Propaganda EP Are You Doing All You Can? Vol 1 (mixtape) Log S. (2004-2008) Oreos & Milk (2005-2008) Compilation will probably post more individual releases for the Log S. years a.k.a. the "being a loner in high school" years but this was a comp i put together when stereofreeze asked me to join their blog deal
  6. you should bother yerself to play at least one of the first 5 or so X games, the gameplay on those are damn excellent more fluid than the original series, prob, and you can freely jump & slide on walls
  7. there are so many great n64 games i've never played or owned like i've played conker's bad fur day but never owned it & goddamn diddy kong racing, i loved that when my friend brought it over i think the biggest oddball absence from my 64 collection though, is Mario Kart i might literally be the only person in the world to own a n64 & not kart 64
  8. THEY'RE ALL GREAT well all the original series ones & most of the X ones, practically + the 2 legends i love this man this blue mega man p.s. thinkin o' buying these:
  9. yes. i haven't even played this since the "glory years" but i have pretty great memories of blockbuster-renting it & playing it in an office building you could only use the d-pad that was weird
  10. those 4 & their respective eras pretty much make up most of the list mofo probably would have been 53 or 54 in a top 100
  11. yeah i guess the deal here for me is that the n64 was the first console i ever got first game being mario 64, wooha
  12. holy chit, chit, keep it together
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