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  1. the two aforementioned discs acutally are the two best of '07 the field is fucking amazing, and Radiohead is Radiohead. fuck MIA, and LCD is great but ain't got shit on these two
  2. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi All I Need Reckoner Jigsaw Falling Into Place 15 Step Nude Faust Arp Videotape Bodysnatchers House of Cards but yes orders will change, and all are 9+ songs, come on now folks
  3. chris martin must've fucked every girl in his school, then made them hold him while he wept.
  4. kk i watched some demos, it looks like an awesome machine. but does it have settings to change the sound styles? like does it produce really electronic drum sounds too as well as the traditional kit? some BoC or The Knife type drum sounds would be preferrable
  5. so it stores rhythms as well as has tappable pads?
  6. I'd like one that has maybe some aspect of tappable pads, but with sort of a way to record it and fuck with what i've made like some of the Korg samplers out there. something to go well with my synth that will allow me some freedom beatwise when making, but then be able to play my synths and just mess with what i've done when playing them together. anyone even use the Korg boxes? how are they? and anyone one know a good drum machine that sorta sounds like what i'm talking about? hell what do guys use? i've heard some awesome electronic sounds from the Your Art section
  7. Sit Down. Stand Up is the most making me wet song
  8. my friends and i got incredibly high, back in the days where that happened, and danced violently to the raindrops and the lasers. pretty much sums up the high school experience
  9. one time when my friend got his new ridiculous stereo, we turned up the bass and volume to the fullest so that it was so loud his house was shaking and using an iPod played through every song with mega bass. i don't think any song could have touched Packt... we were dancing around his room like fools, completely sober i might add
  10. top 3 song by RH for me #1 on given days even... :jonny2:
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