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  1. Radiohead wont be sued. This was on federal land, so the ministry of labour will be called in and the park or whomever the supervisor of the event would be responsible, not the band or members of the crew (Radiohead's or the venue)
  2. The wife and I left our hotel room about 7pm tonight after we heard the news. We were staying at a place were it seemed like 1000 people were all there for the same reason and were devastated by the news. Hard to be upset after someone lost their life. We tried to cancel our reservation (like 100's of others) but the hotel wouldn't go for it. We ended up eating the $200+ and just driving home. Not worth the 40 min train and bus ride to the downtown core. I hope they reschedule but again, someone lost their life today and there are more important things in life than a Radiohead concert.
  3. I have used this tactic my whole life and have had nothing but success!
  4. I feel bad for everyone going at 1. I'm just gonna show up and walk through the crowd till I find a nice little pocket and stay there. Easy Peasy!
  5. wish I was doing both. I'll probably head down to downsview around 5 or 6
  6. still scratching my head over the Niners first pick. But last time I said that the pick turned out to be Aldon Smith.... so I guess I will just be quiet
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    Creatine is not worth your while IMO. Whey, multivitamin, and a proper diet and you'll grown pleanty.
  8. some guy

    MLB Thread

    The only reason I keep holding onto hope is the BoSox have been horrible.......that and Jose is due to explode
  9. I have tix for the Toronto show. Couldnt go to Montreal because neither I or the wife could get the time off work
  10. some guy

    MLB Thread

    Agreed.... what the shit? The bullpen has been horrific so far
  11. some guy


    Rory MacDonald is not human
  12. So far the first round has been unbelieveable! Big hits, fights, bad blood, suspentions, the Pens and Nucks could get swept tonight and nobody wants to talk about it? I remember when this thread had some life......
  13. I dont know if I can stay up for this
  14. Crazy night tonight. Mr. Shanahan might have a busy Sunday
  15. No susspenstion for Webber, just a $2500 fine. Also lol @LaKings after their Tweet last night following game one. "To everyone in Canada outside of BC, you're welcome"
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