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  1. cadare

    acostic jam

    very cool jams. i like it.
  2. OLD! the essay is even better since lp7 i blanked on the title... in rainbows.
  3. Doc, look at this! Which has grown here for years I'm curious as to what it is That occupies space between my ears. Can you rightly say sir, With your machines it's easy to do Like magnets and mirrors But wait! you've got one too!
  4. Barge In by Abe Ignonce Think of all the places you have never been The bedroom doors cracked you barge in And break up friendships' and families' ties To deliver your auspicious, hammered lines: "I'd have sworn I thought we had something But you, Dear Guy, have shown it's nothing!" Their frightened mugs, dim wits, and dimmer eyes Bewildered betray, provoke their complicit crimes. You could show them such a better time fake If not real, the delusional pain is easy to take The first in a waltz of steps from inside to out Trust more real under tension of reasonable doubt But who are you to be where you have never been! To ruin what you have never had and never seen! Get out, Dear Lady, get out of the habit of lies Truer things unproven easy enough undo lovers' lives.
  5. Gravity by U.R.L. Webster Then, I was suddenly aware Of the boundless weight of the air Which pushes me down Firm to the ground A plight I find firmly unfair
  6. my medium speed internet connection requires you to tell me what it is that you were recording, since shit was an obvious euphemism. Do you play an instrument? Sing? Better just say somebody famous who sounds the same.
  7. can't we upgrade our "type these letters" boxes for registration, make them do math or something, or write an essay to get in.
  8. another movie http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored/showpost.php?p=3018774&postcount=8
  9. cadare

    advice needed

    i don't like the ones with stains. i like scount market. #4
  10. Here is part of a movie i started 2 years ago. Stay tuned for the EPIC CONCLUSION! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c06013Oj40E
  11. TONS OF PRACTICE. i used to make animated videos with pain frame by frame. unfortunately i can't find any on my old comp. -------------------------------------------^ (should say "paint" but pain is pretty accurate.)
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