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  1. yonlu offed himself like a little bitch, right?
  2. oh ha. i thought you were maybe someone from way, way back. that's cool though. nice to meet you rael.
  3. not very much, you? no idea who you are
  4. oh hey yonlu! i'm still waiting for those os mutantes cds you were going to mail me
  5. this is fucking mind-boggling
  6. exactly anyone who disagrees is an idiot
  7. i think i am going to finish off my ba in either english or history and then maybe take music, don't know for sure though. man, we're getting old. depressing
  8. you shouldn't have to watch a shitty movie to understand that capital punishment is moronic
  9. hahahaha what? you retarded?
  10. yes, still at uni. frustrated as hell not knowing what i want to do with my life/education. things are still well with the girl and i'm still working at the library. what about you? no uni?
  11. the man is one of the great geniuses of all-time and these are his true masterpieces
  12. not that overrated but dorian gray is pretty bad
  13. why don't you get rid of the children so we can post hot man on man sex?
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