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  1. Wait is Nick in town? Why didn't you let me know, you goofy fuck?
  2. More power to you. They're playing Outside lands here tomorrow and I wasn't willing to drop ~$400 for tickets. If it's worth it to you, go. If it isn't, stay home. The burden is not on the band to show anyone 'more consideration' for hypothetical shows they haven't booked.
  3. Well... you may not win much sympathy by complaining about ticket prices within miles of your home, telling an entire continent to be content with "eventually," and then circling back to the upcoming shows in your city.
  4. It's a bit ridiculous, in my opinion, although it also usually takes me months to really get a feel for new music. That said, if there's a place where this kind of thing is going to happen, it's here. If people are having fun with it, more power to them.
  5. I don't, actually. I find one song enjoyable and one annoying. That's all the ranking I need for myself.
  6. True Love Waits and How To Disappear Completely are my two least favorite (major) Radiohead songs because of how crude, obvious, and over-the-top I feel they are. That said, True Love Waits is a great finisher on this album and this version is growing on me.
  7. This may be my proudest moment on this board. I'm discovering new things on this album every listen. It took like four listens before anything actually registered. For fuck's sake, it's great.
  8. I was actually much more onboard with The King of Limbs when it came out than I was with In Rainbows, but it didn't seem to have staying power in my mind beyond Lotus Flower and maaaaaybe Morning Mr. Magpie and Separator in distant second and third.
  9. I was exceedingly lukewarm on In Rainbows when it came out. And I was wronger than wrong.
  10. Seriously. That song makes me want to call the whambulance. Motion Picture Soundtrack blows it out of the water.
  11. How To Disappear Completely's lyrics are incredibly embarrassing.
  12. As far as the last album thing goes, at this point I will never be surprised if Radiohead abruptly calls it quits. They could do it tomorrow. It could be embedded in one of the bass lines on the new album. Wouldn't surprise me.
  13. Yeah this version of True Love Waits may actually win me over, and I've hated that song for years. The Numbers is my jam.
  14. As a longtime opponent of True Love Waits, I'm curious to see if this album can win me over. What do people think the odds are of a tour beyond what they've already announced?
  15. This song basically just made me want to go listen to Separator.
  16. Had this shit on repeat all day. Turn that bass up and let it happen.
  17. I've listened to Packt Like Sardines in a Crushed Tin Box in traffic. Close enough.
  18. Radiohead probably isn't really a 'halftime show' kind of band, and that's okay.
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