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  1. Somebody on Gizmodo is arguing that Chris Cornell's music is objectively bad and seemingly un-ironically offered these two things as examples of "something that actually has some solid harmony and singers." This may be the most confident trolling I've ever seen.
  2. The House of Representatives just voted to repeal the ACA and replace it with something demonstrably worse.
  3. But pointing out that Trump has made hypocritical statements will definitely win Democrats control of the House in 2018.
  4. It's been a problem in East Jerusalem for who knows how long precisely because it's so hard to prevent/combat. To be honest, I'm surprised it hasn't been significantly more common globally in the last decade or so.
  5. I will bet you $3 that the Republican senate reinstates the filibuster rule before ceding control to Democrats.
  6. No. That's a fallacy in a whole bunch of ways. First, the international community has been doing things, they've just been largely behind the scenes and diplomatic. I won't speak to how valuable I find those things, but saying 'somebody's gotta do something' strongly implies that no one is doing anything, and that's false. Second, the reality is that this strike will likely do more long term harm than good. It doesn't do much (if anything at all) to diminish the Syrian military's capability. It's only real potential effect is as a deterrent, which I don't think is worth the risk of escalation. This is a very clear example of the mistaken thinking that pure firepower can at least partially solve any international problem, and it's disappointing that we still fail to learn that lesson after everything that's happened even in the last 15 years.
  7. Never in a million years did I think this thread would turn out like this. Fun fact: Obama was talked out of bombing Syria three years ago by Britain and by congress. No such roadblock this time.
  8. I remember people thinking it was okay (enough) for the senate to withhold a hearing on Garland because there was no rule explicitly compelling them to hold one. I wonder how they feel about the Republican senate explicitly changing the rules to hold the vote they want.
  9. It did. A number of moderate Republicans in potentially vulnerable districts opposed the bill. I'm just not entirely sure if they're outweighed by the Freedom Caucus.
  10. I do want a better sense of how many moderate Republicans abandoned the bill when they made it even more hardline to appease the Freedom Caucus. If this bill only failed because a good chunk of Republicans thought it wasn't extreme enough, then that is absolutely insane.
  11. I freely admit that I am now massively struggling with this issue internally now that 'white nationalism' very literally has a seat on the National Security Council.
  12. Trump supporters can very easily blame the courts for the failure of the muslim bans and blame congressional Republicans ('the swamp...') for the failure of the ACHA, and Trump's reputation among them is untouched.
  13. I honestly kind of thought Trump's threat to leave the ACA in place if this bill didn't pass would prove to be a successful tactic. Huh. It will also be interesting to see what the next Republican proposal ends up looking like, and if the perception of this failure helps or hurts it.
  14. Is that some weird nickname for David Cameron?
  15. I'm torn. They are clearly embarrassing failures, which is funny. But they also control everything, which is not funny.
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