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  1. https://eil.com/shop/moreinfo.asp?catalogid=279732 i bought it at amoeba in la like 10 years ago, the guy said when i bought it “i just put that up, i was wondering how long til someone bought it.. jonny was here 20 minutes ago” and i missed him...
  2. i tripped on dmt to separator and i saw the universe be broken down beyond molecules n atoms, and eventually everything was connected by beings of every single colour i could ever take in or imagine, each colour a different being, and they were all moving together in unison.. and they all looked at me and smiled at me and right then i heard thom say “wake me up” and i drifted back into my being.. also, jonny’s guitar line, how it goes from super dry and clean to being drenched in reverb, makes me wanna cry cause of its beauty.. and colin’s bass.. it’s perfect.. his fills when thom starts singin “just exactly...” and “if you think this is over...”.. get outta here. i could listen to this song all day. never understood how people weren’t into it when limbs came out.. i thought it was the most beautiful song they had, til i heard tinker...
  3. im in detroit and my se is waiting for me at home in california... just gotta wait 5 more days....
  4. i gotta wait 7-8 days too, but im on tour right now and i wont be back in california until october 20th at the earliest so i gotta wait even longer...
  5. fairly certain they are.. thats what i was thinking the entire first time i watched the video got my email bout an hour ago
  6. yeah, i dont get it. its a lovely song, fuckin perfect, but theyve already released it multiple times.. it makes zero sense, if it is on the second disc.. we still dont know for sure thet havent told us what the other song is for sure either...
  7. hahaha thats hilarious.. that fuckin book looks amazing though.. im pumped if its spectre twice
  8. its not gonna be spectre.. they would have said something if it were.. they know how rabid we are, and i seriously doubt theyd put it on the bonus disc of two songs, after releasing it twice.. the fact that theyve said peep about the songs makes me think that theyre being tight-lipped for a good reason. they fucked with is so good in announcing the album, that they would pull that kinda dick move on us after all this waiting would be cruel. if it is spectre so be it, but they know us and they know how to fuck with us and still give us what we want in return.. my two drunken cents...
  9. looks like they've updated amoonshapedpool.com it now says "shipping from the last week of september."
  10. I got a moon shaped pool then i did it again and got kid a....
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