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  1. Listened to the whole thing at work today. Thanks for sharing the full thing. I'm traumatised by the fact this is 12 years ago. Same year I joined this board.
  2. jesus... this takes me back... this was mythical shit. i never thought the full version of this would see the light of day.
  3. all up to date here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J4sah9NgTfsOSpcEVRimHTbjgyPP10QAHLUbOP9Dfp8/edit?usp=sharing
  4. there's so many little nerdy mysteries being solved in these booklets most intrigued that one of the last pages in the smaller booklet has lyrics under the title "dogwander / the national anthem" dogwander eventually becoming TNA is a twist i was not expecting but the lyrics on that page are also completely different to TNA i feel like the band are purposefully piling work on the Citizen Insane website guy at this point, they need to give him a break so he can catch up
  5. this is all part of the critique of the video though. "peace message" sounds like a euphemism for "vague apolitical platitude". compared to Thom's frequent display of the Tibetan flag (is it still a fixture...?) which is/was a pretty explicit message, to share the flag of an "unrecognised" state. personally, not a big fan of Israel's actions against Palestine, and it does seem weird of Thom considering his unabashed political activism on so many other issues. the video says it all perfectly i think. and a little message during the show(s) is not enough.
  6. Going by Stanley's teaser on Instagram, my money is on anniversary webcast - it's been a while!
  7. response on social media has been... mixed, to say the least. i'm sure they'll see it though. not sure if it's gone "viral" as such yet but so many people on twitter especially sending it to the band's accounts directly.
  8. Pickled Dog


    Really beautiful open letter asking Radiohead to cancel their Israel shows. I'm sure there'll be fans here on both sides and others who'll have an opinion on this either way. Curious to know people's thoughts.
  10. yo. been away a while but started this up again, just continuing on from last year's tour. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J4sah9NgTfsOSpcEVRimHTbjgyPP10QAHLUbOP9Dfp8/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Oh yeah I didn't expect anyone here would but the fact some have elsewhere is fucking dumb
  12. i'm really shocked and saddened by this news but as someone else said, i think for those in the know it's been expected for quite some time. i'd heard about rachel's illness about two years ago. i was on the phone to a mutual friend i have with Colin and we were talking about Tomorrow's Modern Boxes. he mentioned that she was seriously ill and it "didn't look good". that was late 2014. i haven't read any of the debate in this thread apart from the first comment mentioning people criticising Thom and i'm not going to read more because i'm just not into it. i think of course people's personal lives will go into albums but that doesn't mean it should be theorised. it is awful when people are ill and they die, but life goes on and especially if you're in the position of a carer or significant other, you have to make sure that it has to. for yourself, and especially for children. that's what i think from my own personal experience. but i wouldn't even start to try and think what the Yorke's are going through. i alluded that people shouldn't theorise about this stuff in the AMSP album thread because when talk turned to speculation people had had affairs it felt very uncomfortable. this is why. and even with this announcement, people still don't know all the facts. the longevity of her illness being one that critics obviously haven't considered. RIP
  13. slight delay on the last 3 shows but my tour stats spreadsheet is fully up to date https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J4sah9NgTfsOSpcEVRimHTbjgyPP10QAHLUbOP9Dfp8/edit?usp=sharing looking forward to expanding it next year
  14. For this to get said in GRT of all places... There's a 2-track bonus disc for AMSP and one of those tracks might be Spectre. Discuss.* *Dont fucking discuss
  15. We had discussions about how awful AMSP sounded (for some, not all) when it came out in the main thread. I think the WAVs that came with the special edition were horrendously loud. My first few listens were in my car and it was clipping so often even when not turned up that loud. Haven't actually looked into their other albums in the same way but I think they've definitely got a problem.
  16. definitely studio versions. 4MW didn't get the FTB treatment. but yeah, FTB versions were on Jigsaw: https://www.discogs.com/Radiohead-Jigsaw-Falling-Into-Place/master/97272 the rest would have probably appeared too if they'd done more singles and i'm surprised IR had any singles at all tbh. they felt pointless since the entire point of releasing IR as they did was to undermine the usual process of a record label promo campaign. the 2nd CD is basically an EP. like My Iron Lung, like Airbag, like Com Lag. all containing what we'd generally refer to as b-sides, whether they appeared on stand-alone singles or not. i don't see IR2 (or what we'll eventually get from AMSP) as any different to those. arguing over what to call them feels academic. and yeah, as sleepy jack said, that 2006 was so blatantly the "Down Is The New Up" tour with all the merch having those arrows on. considering how it came together, it's not surprising IR had a load of extra material (like Kid Amnesiac period before it) and, considering how AMSP came together (from the little that we know) it's no surprise there isn't that much extra to release this time round.
  17. studio versions of DITNU and 4MW were bsides for Nude
  18. also i should add that i'm reading the lyrics now and realising he doesn't actually say "an Orwellian flip flop". apparently. to be honest, that's still all i can hear. i really wouldn't put it past Thom to drop an Orwellian shout out in there. and then change the lyrics post-release to save some face. if the old Dead Air Space labyrinth existed today - as much as i loved trawling through it back in the day - it would be a Tumblr and it would be awful
  19. yeah exactly. very very clearly. it's so on-the-nose about it, i find it embarrassing to listen to. i mean, all their songs are political? i think thom is incapable of writing about anything else but thankfully over the years he's gotten better and better at it and more subtle and nuanced. right now all i'm thinking of is how lovely the blurred lines of AMSP are and how the whole album seems to wobble alone these lines between micro/macro relationships, the private and the global, personal change and climate change. there's a lot in there. holding DITNU up next to it, it's the clumsiest, most ham fisted song they've ever done. more so than Creep. it is the Banksy of their whole back catalogue. i don't hate anything else on IR2 as much, but even as a collection of bsides and offcuts, by their previous standards it's definitely the weakest of the bunch.
  20. this. it's a big extravagant art object package. being carbon conscious seems irrelevant faced with the wider context of a no-expensive-spared fancy thing (made in a limited quantity). i doubt that was a concern.
  21. Down is the New Up is the worst song they've ever recorded or at least the song with the worst lyrics
  22. I bought the discbox thing because it looks like a thing of beauty. Being annoyed that it cost so much for the addition of just one previously unheard track is just like the dumb argument in that thread where that guy was moaning about tickets (but saw them 3 times anyway or whatever). Your perspective is wack.
  23. Colin 100% every radiohead gig is basically just this for me
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