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  1. haha thanks, i know what it was like. i etched it onto my brain clicking through it obsessively at the time. i just mean, if you want to celebrate a particular "era", i'm curious as to how you can best do that when so much of that "era" was basically online. they fully embraced the blogging era, but the worst way to celebrate that time and what it meant is by just printing it off and binding it. at least OKNOTOK made sense because it was all pretty analog, with notebooks and stuff, but the RH online turn is harder to commemorate properly, i think. i dunno. maybe i'm just being a pedant and overthinking it, but i'd be cool with them doing something that wasn't a standard shelf-hogging boxset for once.
  2. Saying that, the best response to that sentiment would probably be something a lot more adventurous than a vinyl boxset lol.
  3. This is how I feel about it. It's how I feel about all of their releases, honestly. They've always sat really weird on the shelf and just don't get used because they're so awkward. I sold my In Rainbows and AMSP boxsets of Discogs last year, and I've trying to get rid of my 10" editions of Kid A and Amnesiac. Partly why I hope they do release a new thing and do it properly. They've never really been presented properly in a large format, imo. (Although I've never seen that award-winning Amnesiac box in the flesh.) It's taken over a decade, but think I've learned the hard way that a solid normal edition of these albums is better than some bloated excuse to house Stanley's bonus doodles. Saying that, I do think the OKNOTOK box was the most successful thing they've done so far in that regard. It is nice to have all those b-sides together in one place, and I liked the listening experience of the cassette, honestly. But the artwork presentation is pretty terrible. Having a Kid Amnesiac version of that would definitely be the holy grail. Cohesive, as-first-intended boxset, b-sides, all that web art stuff. A large part of that era's whole vibe is surely exploring the potentials of the internet and the transparency of the process. Never was a fan of OKC's prog-Orwellian vibe, personally. Showing the album off as not just a goodbye to shitty Britpop Nineties but as an embrace of the 21st century would be a wonderful thing to celebrate. Agreed there.
  4. dare i wade into the dead forum weirdness to stoke hype for a potential Kid Amnesiac reissue? it is gonna feel weird if every album gets a 20th anni special treatment... i get weird Record Store Day vibes, even if it's warranted. bloated vinyl editions have been ruined by a fetishistic marketplace. i'd still buy it though
  5. Listened to the whole thing at work today. Thanks for sharing the full thing. I'm traumatised by the fact this is 12 years ago. Same year I joined this board.
  6. jesus... this takes me back... this was mythical shit. i never thought the full version of this would see the light of day.
  7. all up to date here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J4sah9NgTfsOSpcEVRimHTbjgyPP10QAHLUbOP9Dfp8/edit?usp=sharing
  8. there's so many little nerdy mysteries being solved in these booklets most intrigued that one of the last pages in the smaller booklet has lyrics under the title "dogwander / the national anthem" dogwander eventually becoming TNA is a twist i was not expecting but the lyrics on that page are also completely different to TNA i feel like the band are purposefully piling work on the Citizen Insane website guy at this point, they need to give him a break so he can catch up
  9. this is all part of the critique of the video though. "peace message" sounds like a euphemism for "vague apolitical platitude". compared to Thom's frequent display of the Tibetan flag (is it still a fixture...?) which is/was a pretty explicit message, to share the flag of an "unrecognised" state. personally, not a big fan of Israel's actions against Palestine, and it does seem weird of Thom considering his unabashed political activism on so many other issues. the video says it all perfectly i think. and a little message during the show(s) is not enough.
  10. Going by Stanley's teaser on Instagram, my money is on anniversary webcast - it's been a while!
  11. response on social media has been... mixed, to say the least. i'm sure they'll see it though. not sure if it's gone "viral" as such yet but so many people on twitter especially sending it to the band's accounts directly.
  12. Really beautiful open letter asking Radiohead to cancel their Israel shows. I'm sure there'll be fans here on both sides and others who'll have an opinion on this either way. Curious to know people's thoughts.
  14. yo. been away a while but started this up again, just continuing on from last year's tour. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J4sah9NgTfsOSpcEVRimHTbjgyPP10QAHLUbOP9Dfp8/edit?usp=sharing
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