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  1. I tend to listen to a lot of Radio 1 in my car and found the reemergence of jungle and drum'n'bass on mainstream stations really strange over the last few months. Chase & Status (of all people) are consciously channelling an older sound on their new album and I like it a lot more than the lowest common denominator drum'n'bass that used to dominant clubs 10 years ago when I was in my late teens. (And life revolved around this board haha.) Still, it's weird to hear a mainstream record really emphasising a classic jungle sound in 2019. It was inevitable, considering how much appreciation for the genre has been growing over the last few years but this is still a surreal new peak.
  2. yeah this thread is a graveyard for a weirdo's bullshit now rip spent lots of halloween night listening to Source Direct tho
  3. You’re such a moron. Everything you write is bullshit. Your wayward arrogance is damaging. I dread to think anyone reads a word you write and takes it seriously. Your stupidity is damaging. Delete your account.
  4. Ballard was a Thatcherite who was a POW and lived in Shepperton. Fuck off,
  5. You just keep repeating yourself, talking past the actual issues until you’ve changed the conversation enough that it works in your favour. I keep repeating the point but you keep missing it completely. Mutating the conservation until we’re actually talking about something you think you can win at. You can’t debate an issue. All you can do is build an army of straw men until the issue is irrelevant. You can relate to it or whatever. I don’t care. I’m not denying it’s great, insightful, special writing. I’m arguing you’re an idiot. I have no interest in being Fisher on a fucking forum. Yeah, he was patient and generous. He also told rambling idiots to shut up when necessary.
  6. This is fundamentally incorrect. Everything he was writing up until his death was about imagining new futures. I don't know how many times I need to say it. You're basing all of this off one book. You're wrong. There is no bitter old man in that book. That's a common misreading. I've already addressed this repeatedly. I do relate to this. I wrote 15,000 words on it. Point being, the way you've expressed this so far has been gross and making offensive assumptions. The way you've presented yourself is definitely just as bad. It's disgusting. You haven't apologised many times. You've just kept repeating the same bullshit. Your posts might be sincere. They're still largely bloated and unreadable. I also suffer from mental illness. It's a trait most people attracted to Mark have. But don't equate your relationship to your mental health with Mark's. From what you've said in this thread so far, they're fundamentally different positions. Whatever. You want my full perspective, it's here: https://xenogothic.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/egress-on-mourning-melancholy-and-the-fisher-function/ And here: https://vastabrupt.com/2018/01/16/reaching-beyond-to-the-other/ Yeah. You did. Regardless, your repeated speculations are wrong.
  7. Listened to the whole thing at work today. Thanks for sharing the full thing. I'm traumatised by the fact this is 12 years ago. Same year I joined this board.
  8. Nope. I'm not saying that at all. I'm saying just because people don't like Land, doesn't mean that's why Fisher killed himself. Which is what you said and which is a categorically fucking dumb thing to say. That is what started all of this. It's gross. Then you made a load of assumptions about Fisher's personal relationships and shared a load of bad interpretations of his work. What you've then slid into after that is trying to argue why Land is worth paying attention to. I've explained that from my perspective. And then a load of other vague and irrelevant topics, as if to avoid the main argument and pick fights with shadows that aren't even in the ring. You're a moron because half of what you've written here about Mark and his work, regardless of its relationship to Land, is incorrect and, often, really offensive. These are all distinct topics, which I've tried to address in turn, and all you seem to want to do is conflate them all into a big dumb blob. So I've called you a moron, because that's really dumb, and all you've done in response is double down again and again on being a moron. Top work. There blatantly isn't any accounting for your weird scatterbrained posting style, and I'm certainly not taking responsibility for your leaps and misunderstandings, which have been endemic. Not once have I suggested tying Fisher's legacy to Land (at least not anymore than is unavoidable given their frequent proximity to one another). But you said: And I've repeatedly told you that he did. In his essays and in his classes. Go read this: https://egressac.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/mark-fisher-postcapitalist-desire1.pdf One of his last major published essays, which shares its name with the course he was teaching at the time of his death. Probably even likely that this could have been turned into a chapter of Acid Communism. I'm going to saying this one last time, before filling this thread back up with jungle: You don't know what you're talking about. The entire point of this argument is you've made gross generalisations and assumptions about the circumstances of Fisher's death, which have successfully pissed me off more than any neoreactionary shill. I'm used to people, on the left and the right, saying "haha mark killed himself" but something about your stupidity in misrepresenting his life's work in a way that is totally antithetical to the man I knew and the circumstances of his death which I am painfully aware of is so so much worse. Just stop, arsehole.
  9. Nope. Never used the word invented. But I know for a fact they’ve both influenced Steve and you’re naming Hyperdub artists but it’s definitely offensive to say they’ve talked about this stuff
  10. You are a moron. You’ve started off romanticising and theorising about my friend’s suicide. When told you’re full of shit, you’ve jumped topic and spouted more shit. Again and again. Refuting the facts I give you — which I have and can confirm cos I was living in the midst of it and personally know all the people you’re talking about. Your solution? Quit the rambling, nonsensical rants and just call me a fascist. Like everyone other moron who thinks they’re qualified to ramble about people’s personal lives because they’re a member of a moronic subreddit.
  11. Anna and Nick have both written books on time, capitalism and Shanghai, particularly sunofuturism... Again, it is a fact they have written on the same topics. Not equating them, moron. I’m also not giving them credit. They’re in the same sphere of influence, undeniably. You seriously don’t know how to read. None of your shadowboxing addresses the fact you’re full of shit and don’t know what you’re on about, other than having the astounding ability to use google.
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