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  1. The first episode was the same, after that they go off on their own story lines. Skins US sucks my cock.
  2. I hope that this was the reason the album was sub-par. I'm really disappointed to think they slipped this much.
  3. You might be right. I don't absolutely hate it, I do like the damn album. But it's not what I was expecting after 3 years. I enjoy it but am left unsatisfied. I love everything Radiohead does more than anything than I've ever heard, but this is the bottom of that list.
  4. I really respect you dude. I know a lot of people love this album but in my personal opinion, I don't. It's okay at best, just voicing it guys. I don't give a fuck what you all think and i don't know why you're all up in a tiffy. If you like it just say so, if not than agree.
  5. Shit Tier: Pablo Honey, The King of Limbs Low Tier: The Bends Mid Tier: Amnesiac High Tier: Kid A, In Rainbows God Tier: OK Computer, Hail to the Thief
  6. Stop being a bunch of Hipster Radiohead FAGS and admit that the album is not that great. They've done way better. I love Radiohead but I'm not a mindless drone like the rest of you, I suppose. I can admit when their work is less than perfect, when it falls short of what I've expected. Stop being a bunch of bitches and man up to the fact that for once They haven't delivered like They promised. U MAD?!
  7. You just lost The Game.
  8. I'm getting my first tattoo soon. Something simple, the crying minotaur, maybe have the words NE PORVIVAJO NUR MORTIGI TEMPO.
  9. Yeah crying minotaur. I knew it wasn't weeping monster but I figured someone would know what I was talking about. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone have an image of the weeping monster on the cover of the I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings? Just the monster not the whole album art.
  11. Dear David, We've had so many wonderful years togther. Good times and bad traveling through time and space. And when you told me that you were leaving me I was heartbroken. I felt like what we had would last forever even though deep down I knew it could never last. But I want you to know that I'm over you and I've met someone new. His name is Matt Smith and although I've only just met him I have fallen for him completely. He promises me many adventures like you gave me and so much more, I can't wait to start my new life with him. So lets make this quick and painless. Goodbye, I have a new Doctor now, my Doctor. Love your american companion, Diana
  12. Take a piece of buttered white bread and pile on day old spaghetti you heated up in the microwave. Fold in half and enjoy. Love it!
  13. They're getting back together for one tour only to play Reinhold Messner in it's entirety. They'll be in Chicago on October 10 and I am so there.
  14. I frickin love this show. Jason is probably my favorite character. Weow
  15. They forgot Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars. What a douchebag.
  16. UK: Freedom - Wham US: I Just Called to Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder AUS: Careless Whispers - George Michael
  17. Well here's a music video for one of the songs in the movie. It's so delightfully 80's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygWyM8oW7ZE I loved this movie as a kid and wanted to post this just for the heck of it.
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