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  1. Thom is becoming Roger Waters
  2. I hope it is on piano with horns. I wasn't too much digging on the studio version much
  3. Is anyone else ready for some echoes style lengthy song? I was praying for the daily mail to turn that way. As it stands I love it but think it's far too short
  4. courtesy RadioMad@atease http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Z2IQPP46 note that the track order in this collection reflects TKOL and not the FTB recording, so a little fyi there.
  5. agreed. It's the only one that doesn't trump its counterpart.
  6. you don't "need" it, but any salty thinly sliced meat that is not good for you would do fine, otherwise as long as you throw in warmed honey after baking you will be fine. Just "imagine" a paper thin slice of something around the fig.
  7. Great recipe for all you med cuisine lovers: 6 fresh figs cut diagonaly halfway down stuffed with 2tsp of goat cheese topped with 1 sprig of rosemary wrapped in a half strip of prosciutto baked at 350 for 25 min. After baking is done microwave or stove cook about an 8th cup of honey to drizzle on top of the stuffed figs. Serve with steak or grilled veggies. I love Radiohead
  8. We are all taking sleeping pills so that we can wake up with new music for our portable devices.
  9. Well even if it doesn't work there are more broadcasting later
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