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  1. They should be adequately prepared, I think. They know how large the demand was after word spread about the album. I also think that they should/may setup a torrent. In my opinion that would be helpful.
  2. ethos

    Strange PMs?

    I did say I would give away Oink invites to MT users, but the whole 0 post thing is weird to me. User names like... SexyD Tambourine_man
  3. I've started receiving PMs from people with 0 posts asking for invites to sites like Oink, and websites I've never even heard of. Am I the only one for some reason? Just curious. (not sure if this belonged on the MT section or not)
  4. You can click this to make it bigger....
  5. Sigh... I used to have an account there, but it seems to have been deleted.
  6. Can anyone point me in the direction of a complete night two torrent/YSI-type thing? Please? (Chicago night two)
  7. Incredible show. Except for the two guys next to me who were clearly wasted, and then ask me "So, who is playing tonight?"
  8. On first listen... pretty interesting.
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