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  1. open / rain dance: open sounds like it would fit well in a film opening sequence. the drums in the first half are a bit weird, but that's definitely a minor complaint. the transition from the fist half to the second half is great - i think one of the layered guitars from the first half continues and the rest fade out, and that works really well. from 4:00 on, the song is just amazing. it's difficult to have suspension build without an increase in volume or complexity, but this part manages to do it. the drums during this part sound great. i'm not sure what to think of the abrupt ending - i guess i'll stay neutral on that. overall this track has a great atmosphere from start to finish. noughts and crosses: count+step should enjoy this song with it's odd time signature. the guitar riff is really catchy. the guitar layering starting at 1:30 is really well done. i really like how the synthy part at 2:05 turned out. the synth drums at 2:30 are a nice change from the rapid fire drums earlier in the song. nice and smooth. the way you start removing layers one at a time to end the song is great. blushed / in the morning sun: i like blushed, but i definitely love in the morning sun. the vocal effects are crazy but interesting. there is a striking difference in song structure between in the morning sun and n&c, but it shows that a song can be just as enjoyable with a very simple structure like the one in the morning sun. i like the (what sounds like) improv drums, and the ending is nice. it's cool when the ending of a song can be so different from the beginning. pushing cars in the rain: again, great guitar layering. after the drums come in, i like the way you continue to introduce more layers. the song is very busy, but never sounds messy even with all those layers of guitar and piano. the drum loop ending is good. i like how the piano is just barely not playing triplets, or at least it sounds that way. your stories: this is definitely a very experimental track. it has a great spooky atmosphere to it. not a lot to say about the first 5:00 other than that it's good. i think this song is really made by the section that starts at 5:00. the piano is a nice touch. i'm not sure how i would describe the feeling of this part, but it's very airy, perhaps ethereal. a farewell into the sun: everyone knows i'm a sucker for songs that start small and end incredibly large. this song is definitely a great example of this. i knew the ending was going to be amazing at 2:25. you can't write that sort of progression without taking it to the extreme. the reversed percussion is a really interesting noise. i'm not sure what instrument it playing the high sustained notes here, it sounds almost like a violin with a lot of processing. whatever it is, i like that. the draw down at the end works really well - the song ends the same way it started. pyramids: i remember this track from the botb a few years ago. i voted for it then and i'd vote for it again. so simple, yet so good. the violin is really interesting in this track. sounds almost like some feedback in some spots, but it works. i wish i hadn't seen the waveform of this track before listening to it. the ending would have been a good surprise had i not. where i would have expected more instruments to be layered, it instead fades out into reverb, and it just sounds nice. i can't really describe the picture i see in my head when listening to the ending, but it's definitely good.
  2. solid entries from mooks, but george's stuff really resonates with me. there's just so much going on in george's tracks... it's amazing. hey george, are you going to lollapalooza this august?
  3. considering just the latest entry, i would have gone with thomas j because i did like 'ego,' but orpheus' 'five days' is enough to make me vote for him.
  4. i drew king george in the first round? goodbye, cruel world.
  5. i liked whitewash's varied selection of songs. mary terror reminded me of the good smashing pumpkins stuff.
  6. you've become really good at producing music, count+step. i have to vote for you just based on how different your stuff is. though i do hear a base fl studio loop going on in 'these two hands.' shame!
  7. my username tells me i can't lose this year. especially since the toy decided not to show up this year. dick
  8. the middle section of 'five days' is great. going with orpheus
  9. really enjoyed 'make it easy,' so i had to go with kyriakos
  10. Sounding good. I think I like Sirens the best. It's been stuck in my head for the past few days. Likewise Maybe sounds like it belongs in a film for some reason, and I really like the strings. Man, I am terrible at reviewing music. THESE SOUNDS ARE GOOD SOUNDS. You're still in Chicago? I'm even closer to Chicago now than I was before. We definitely need to buy Tristan a plane ticket and make some music.
  11. I'm in. I don't know much about different modes, but I've been stuck with my writing recently.
  12. Sounds great. I think I liked Frontier the best. Do you still use FL Studio to write all of your music or am I confusing you with someone else? Either way, it's very well made. I really like the fusion of old video game style sounds and newer synths. I'm not sure how much influence you got from dubstep (circuitlark & acorrupt), but I think some elements of dubstep work well with your own style of music. As usual the drums were great on every song. There's my terrible, rambling review.
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