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  1. Damn it. Chicago is sold out.
  2. I remember that. MT was hopping then. I ended up with Indy and Ohio tickets.
  3. If anyone ends up with an extra Chicago ticket, let me know...
  4. Just hit refresh once or twice. Per their instructions. Good luck mate
  5. Super pumped for Chicago! Here's to trying to get presale...
  6. remixoma


    Did anyone happen to rip the webcast??
  7. This show was amazing and would love to add it to my collection.
  8. remixoma


    If someone can find the soundboard from this I will love you forever.
  9. remixoma


    This show was amazing. My 7th time seeing them. My first was Bonnaroo 2006 which may have been there best show ever. This was so close to that. The crowd was amazing. RH sounded so crisp and mature. Thom's vocals were spot on.
  10. Looks so far like an amazing set. Only missing Amnesiac
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