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    singing tips

    as for anyone else, imo lessons are good n fine but i can't imagine that they'll help or harm you an awful lot? you can read about tehcnique but i think you're better off with a guitar in your lap and jsut gradually raising and bending your speaking voice, add some character/mood to it.. whatever feels good. but don't try to sound so much like this guy or that guy it won't be very convincing and you'll prolly just strain yr throat and sound like a fool. don't take any of it too seriously, iunno.. you don't necessarily have to have the talent or training to accompany an instrument well enough. vocals aren't crucial.
  2. arrestthisgirl

    singing tips

    i really don't use any of my formal training, aside from basic breathing/projection techniques, i just have to be careful to rely on feeling, keeping that feeling and that rhythm once i;ve got it rather than thinking about it or i just go retarded. most anything beyond breathing attempts to restructure and manipulate an inherent part of you. no one can teach you much if you've got the ear/range already, it's all self-discovery.. what they can do is bewilder you and, in a sense, blunt yr tools and stunt yr growth. you will still sound "right", perhaps.. but it won't be the same. it;s limiting, integrity's lost, natural tone is softened too much, character development is hindered - ultimately it couldn't enrapture a listener the same way. that's what's unique about voice, it really is either true or false.. and that will come across. basically.. applying logic, paying careful attn to the mechanics of the voice is a recipe for disaster when for the most part song is actually engrained in you, rather than picked up on. i blame formal training for, to this day, my tendency to occasionally bounce back and forth between my "real" singing voice and my "learned" voice, either from day to day or from afternoon to night, whatever.. it all has to do with feeling, it's entirely dependent on my state of sensitivity and how well i'm able to bounce energy off of my surroundings. but it should be as natural as acting out in a blind rage, at its best. ho boy this is embarrassing. but i am somehow especially awful at explaining the things i actually understand so i just keep goin man.
  3. the fool is my faovirte person i would consider bearing his children but from what i've gathered this has been a paticularly good year for harry. plus the fool will always make it to top 4 bcuz why? bcuz i don't know how bout bcuz he is a butt flavored pretzel stiCK son of a cracker barrel!
  4. well i asked so nicely for him to remove it, maybe he just wanted to please me who noes.
  5. jonathon i would like to be able to visit a user's profile without them knowing so, i feel this is like, immoral.. why don't you just tar and feather me? please look into removing this purposeless feature.
  6. i love them both so just trying to decide which one would be less inclined to post as often if they won poty, i'll come back to this
  7. no way this has without question been like my most active year on mt maybe o well, as flattering as it has been to win a couple matches at least this time i was finally correct ; ) that was becoming awfully disconcerting.. and it make me happy when ppl who i rly couldn't imagine voting for me either will have/do or least be sayin things like o my troubled mind how will i ever decide! how much more can a lady ask for:hug:
  8. i like them both for diff reasons but i see nan not to vote for cal at this point harry obv win poty anyway
  9. kyri kyri quite contrarily, how your poll count doth tend to grow. sits on a tuffet.
  10. aw thank ye bellla, and everyone else who has voted so far i duck out
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