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  1. Anybody have this brilliant show?
  2. i was at mohegan sun casino and walked into a music/dvd shop that was playing the 'live at astoria 1994' dvd on 4 big flat screens. a couple of the employees were rockin' out to it. cool.
  3. didn't the band recently mention in an interview that the record company decides which singles to release? this surprises me considering how protective they are of their music. doesn't make sense that they'd allow others to decide what new listeners will hear from them. on the other hand, maybe they don't have an issue with any of the songs being a single. they also said that they don't understand why dj's can't just play the songs they like from an album...something about singles being forced down everyone's throats. they've been disenchanted with the whole single/video process ever since OKC.
  4. that's my point. it's a horrible business but it worked. it's absolutely brilliant that it did. in theory it shouldn't work that well, and it probably wouldn't for any other artist(s).
  5. tough to compare releases but think about it, 122,000 units of IR sold compared to HTTT's 300,000 units during the same time period. you can never, ever expect to sell anything to anyone if you, at first, give it away for free. we're talking an 'entire thing'--not a snippet, not a taste-test--the whole, real thing. it's a horrible business model. i think ATO/TBD must be thrilled with that. need big ones to take that risk...
  6. check it out: http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003694375
  7. KEXP out of seattle is one of the best alt music stations in the US. this is best year end list i have seen: http://depts.washington.edu/kexp/blog/?p=4424
  8. i hold radiohead to a higher standard AND i listen to a lot of music. trust me, nothing comes close to IR.
  9. radiohead hasn't played by the same rules as other bands. yes, they are popular but they don't create 'lifestyle music' that can be easily packaged and presented to large audiences. they are definitely an acquired taste. other bands aren't willing to put their music on a pedestal and say 'this is precious to us and we won't let you abuse it to sell aftershave'. if they became 'more mainstream' they would help shift music away from what is popular now. that would be a great thing.
  10. 'The band will be performing all of the tracks from its newest album, In Rainbows, for a taped, private, hour-long performance, which will run commercial-free on Current TV and on http://www.current.com simultaneously.'
  11. a masterpiece. no other band on earth could create something so powerful and beautiful.
  12. please don't put their lyrics in a box. the beauty of post-bends rh lyrics is that they can be--most of the time--interpreted as whatever you want.
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