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  1. If Radiohead (or just one member thereof, if you prefer) had their own Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavor, as have countless bands and artists before them, what would it be called? amusing way to kill time til LP7 (more amusing than thumb-twiddling...)
  2. I was in a record shop last night and I found a cd, looked to be bootleg quality (but decent bootleg quality), and the cover was an old pic of the band with the caption "Radiohead- On A Friday." The tracklist on the back looked like it was 14 On A Friday tracks. I recognized a few, didn't recognize others, but it was also missing a few songs I know they recorded as On A Friday. It also had a few old Radiohead b-sides as "Bonus" tracks, like Inside My Head and Million Dollar Question. Do you think it's worth spending $18 on?
  3. Who is singing the background vocals in How Can You Be Sure? I'm listening to the version from the Fake Plastic Trees single (not sure if there are any other versions floating around, actually), and the background vocals really don't sound like ed. They sound like a woman's voice. Any ideas?
  4. Airbag is both the best opener and the best closer. They should... open with Airbag, then lead into another song halfway in. Then at the end of the set lead immediately into the end of Airbag.
  5. Just found this while browsing through wikipedia: "A longstanding joke among fans calls for Jonny to sing, something he claims he will never do. However, he was spotted singing backup during several performances in the 2006 tour, including the songs "Black Star" and "The Bends", sharing a microphone with bandmate and guitarist Ed O'Brien." Anyone know anything about this?
  6. better yet... if Radiohead were superheroes, what would each of their superpowers be? :dancingthom: (sorry... couldn't resist)
  7. Seriously... someone has to. Action Thom with real seizure-dancing movement. They would sell millions.
  8. Other than The Tourist, what Radiohead songs were composed mostly/entirely by Jonny?
  9. right... ...but about that radio...
  10. Phil's lemon? Why have I not seen this lemon?
  11. So, I had the good fortune of seeing Radiohead twice this summer, once at Madison Square Garden and once at Bonnaroo, and I noticed that when Jonny plays his transistor radio in songs like National Anthem and Climbing Up the Walls, the voices on the radio will sometimes skip, repeat, play backwards, et cetera. What is it Jonny is doing to acheive this? I know he uses a Korg pad to do things like that to Thom's voice in Everything in its Right Place live, but during National Anthem I only see him on his transistor radio (and of course the ondes)
  12. Not sure if this belongs in General Radiohead Chat, but... according to Wikipedia, Jonny has composed a piece for the Ondes Martenot called Smear. Anyone know anything about it, or better yet, where I could get it?
  13. what is Radiohead's stance on "illegal" music downloading? I've read that they support it as both a way to simply get hard to find music, and as a challenge to record companies to produce cds worth buying. But does anyone know anything more specific?
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