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  1. He's on right now. Don't move too fast or you'll startle him.
  2. sometimes i start out with a bunch of words then put music to them other times i sit down and write the words and music all at once just out of how i feel sometimes the music is in my head and i try my best to convey that through my playing. sometimes thats not possible, but when it is, its elating.
  3. I made a song Friday https://soundcloud.com/okjess/likeihaveone/s-d7Hom I don't really have a title yet. also i recommend headphones cause my recording equip is crap
  4. Aw thanks y'all are so sweet :3 great thread idea, tj
  5. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0ms3ENtS09O
  6. Really? I would like to hear it. Who is this by the way? And TJ, if you read this, thanks for your comment... I like your music as well. Ah heart warming <3
  7. mariposa

    advice needed

    I like number 4 the best, number 2 the second best. Nice pictures.
  8. Thanks whiggy, I appreciate that. It's self-release with a little help. I'm fixing to listen to yours now. Thanks! : )
  9. You've got a good voice. I am digging this, this makes me wanna dance with sunglasses on while bright laser lights are shooting behind me, maybe even out of my eyes. I like this, yeah.
  10. That's awesome, I appreciate you listening. I just added lyrics on my myspace page if you're interested in the words. Yeah, I understand, I wouldn't tell you how to re-mix it. I have heard your music before, in fact one year when some of us did an MT comp, the song you entered was my favorite because it made me feel like I was underwater (maybe riding a bike or slowly swimming) and angels were playing a piano and it just felt awesome to listen to it. Anyway, as far as the re-mixing goes, I'll def. think about it.
  11. Yeah, I know it's you, hi! I'll send you the individual tracks. Thank you : ) Thank you, hmm I've never thought about re-mixing. What did you have in mind?
  12. I'm gonna be releasing an album with those featured on it if you want to wait, or I can send them to you individually, which would you like, sir?
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