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  1. I'd say upper-middle class rather than upper class (which as someone said suggests high-horse sat, spit on the peasants and keep the immigrants out kind of people) or middle class (which is basically anyone who is slightly well off, but probably still does their shopping in Aldi because of the credit crunch). Radiohead seem to come from the in between, their parents were probably in the higher end of middle classness, enough to send them to private school. They also seem pretty liberal, and I'm certain they read the Guardian, which are traits of middle class rather than upper class. No doubt that they're not working class though. But for anyone to be put off by it would put them on a similar kind of level to Liam Gallagher.
  2. Got into Magazine recently, heard about the cover, searched here and google but couldn't find a living download, all the YSI's are dead, yada yada yada... Could someone upload for me? Please and thankyou.
  3. Well the Thom Yorke one looks like a white t-shirt with 'New York' written on it, and Jonny Greenwood's coat looks like a pretty average hooded coat in a sort of dirty green-brown colour. You could probably find either in a clothes shop somewhere.
  4. Someone ran up to a group next to us at the LCCC shouting 'I just met Colin!', so it seems like he likes to mingle.
  5. The dubstep idea might not be so ridiculous. I can imagine LP8 at least being quite heavily emphasised on the rhythm section of the band, although I doubt they'll go any more electronic than they have in past, if at all. Either that or Jonny will take them down the dub reggae road. I had a dream last night that at the Old Trafford gig they just played classic reggae covers. I reckon after LP8 they'll either pack it in or go back to HTTT. I really hope they don't do any instrumental albums, 20 minute tracks, or any weird shit some people have suggested. There's a difference between being experimental, pushing boundaries etc. and creating unlistenable, boring music. 4 minute songs, 10 track albums and choruses are not necessarily a bad thing. They're popular for a reason.
  6. If you're not in they'll probably leave a card saying 'we're holding a thing for you which needs a signature' and you'll have to go down to the post office with ID and collect. If there's someone in your house they can sign for it aswell if you're not in, or they might give it to a neighbour. Don't worry, they won't give your ticket away if you're not in one day.
  7. Yeah I've had it since January. Pretty good, but I got it with A Collection of Miserable Stories by Donwood which entertained me more.
  8. I like Last Flowers, and I think they got it pretty much right. I don't get people's beef with it. I wouldn't have put it on In Rainbows though, except maybe over House of Cards, but that probably fits better.
  9. Yeah me and some friends did this a while back. The results are... interesting...
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