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  1. I hear birdsong through the open window and I'm starting to hate it already.
  2. I did not get Familial because I could not really get into the songs and sound, but "Coming Up For Air" is a very promising track... EDIT: yay this is my 2,222nd post
  3. Apart from JJE (which is on par with The Eraser material) and Default (which is Ok), AMOK is not very good stuff. The rhythms and bass are not exciting or interesting, the vocal lines don't add anything and go nowhere, and more in general every track becomes just obnoxious. Also, there's not much variety at all - what's the point of having even more tracks than TKOL if they have nothing to add to the whole? Sorry, just had to write this. I'm gonna go to sleep and let this wash all over me.
  4. Now way TKOL is in the same anything as Kid A and Amnesiac.
  5. The handclaps in Lotus Flower are one of the few good things about TKOL. WTF guys. Really.
  6. exactly. BTW, please people, don't compare TKOL to the Amnesiac b-sides, just because both sets of songs are "atmospheric" in a way and experiment in sounds. There's much more interesting tunes and melody in Kinetic and Orgy alone than I can find in TKOL.
  7. I never understood all the love for Lucky.
  8. I'd go for the re-releases. They don't waste plastic and contain all the B-sides. The B-sides are definitely worth it and this is the only reasonable way to get them.
  9. So sorry to hear that... I agree with Aisfle: just go for a song that you both liked. Reckoner sounds great. Black Star also. Or Let down. I wouldn't try too hard to convey any special message, certain things are too big and complex for words anyway.
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... wow. That video was 99% accurate.
  11. Not at all. I just wish they'd stop releasing things I don't care about. ;-)
  12. It's true that we are free to avoid buying what we don't like. And I appreciate that part of that freedom comes from the fact that RH themselves offer their music streaming for free, so that we can decide whether to buy it or not. The point is: I am not disappointed because I feel compelled to buy whatever RH release (though I did that mistake with TKOL - I bought it before even knowing the tracklist). I am disappointed because, if this is all the RH music we get between IR and LP9, it's not working for me. And it's kind of bitterly ironic to see all these CDs and remixes and stuff and realize I have no desire to listen to any of them.
  13. I agree that we've never been as swamped with RH releases as we are now. And I also agree that I've never been as underwhelmed by their musical/performance output as I am now. Don't know if it's all about money though. Whatever it is, I'm just hoping it stops very soon.
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