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  1. The only thing I miss about the studio DITNU is the awesome guitar riff at the beginning. That always felt better than the piano for me for some reason.
  2. IR is a weird album for me, because while I think the whole thing is great and love all the songs on it, it’s an album where the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Not that the songs are bad or not put together or produced well, but I somehow enjoy listening to them more by just focusing on the bassline or small moments throughout the song.
  3. In three years all copies of In Rainbows will get to track 7 and it will be replaced by a voice saying "Ugh, so stupid. The original version was better. I don't even want to play this version, dad!"
  4. I hope LL Cool J gets in, because every time a rap artist makes it into the RRHOF aging white guys across the nation lose their shit and it's hilarious to watch.
  5. You could even say Helter Skelter slipped... ...awayyyy
  6. I know it's been said on this forum many times before, but TKOL works so much better live (which isn't changed by listening to AMSP so I'm technically dodging the question). It's really interesting that when I saw them in April the highlights of the show were all the TKOL and HTTT tracks. To actually answer the question, no.
  7. I always thought the title was originally "Dark Decks" but Thom wanted Daydreaming to be the second track after they alphabetized everything, so they just switched the words to make it work.
  8. Is it music being released now? Yes Is it for babies? No Adult contemporary
  9. So...uhh...this is embarrassing. I always thought the lyrics for Lift were "The smell of recognition/A face you barely loved" ....whoops.
  10. Treefingers is totally the thesis statement for Kid A. And that statements is "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm"
  11. I'm not mad there was a delay for the vinyl pressings. Things happen. I am a bit miffed I paid out the nose for shipping when it appears these pressings are coming from inside the US. The rate they charged feels more like an overseas rate. But what's done is done.
  12. I didn't think it was bad, just that it was more of a demo than a polished track, especially considering the production on OKC. It's a great song but they didn't know what to do to make it fit their evolving sound and the demo doesn't have the intimate charm of HIMMM so it was never worth putting on anything (pure speculation of course).
  13. Listened to NOTOK straight through on the drive to work this morning. It makes it really clear why these are all B-sides/unreleased. With a bit of tweaking for flow this could've been released as a follow up to The Bends with potentially massive success. It sounds like it would have been a good bridge between The Bends and OKC and maybe made the latter less impactful when it came out because the evolution would've been more gradual. It's sort of the kind of album Blur would have followed up with. But they aspired to something more artistically challenging so we got OKC instead. It's sort of a mystery to me why I Promise never got a B-side release before this, it fits in well with the rest of the pack. Lift I can see why this still wasn't released. Assuming they're Thom's vocals from back then it sounds like this was a really, really rough laying down of a track, more of a placeholder than a finished product.
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