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  1. what's, like, your ideal forum?
  2. It's definitely possible, that guy is one of the most shameless self promoters there is.
  3. looking up stuff on greenplastic. i have been posting on MT/related boards since 2001
  4. The Smell of Da Feet works on many levels
  5. plus there's always http://www.cryptrecords.com they sell their records ultra-cheap.
  6. probably not, i only got their vinyls, but i think a couple people downloaded w/ Mr. Quintron, so maybe you could find them?
  7. Handclaps

    my review

    mods s'please sticky
  8. Handclaps


    but... what does this mean for the RYM community??!
  9. Handclaps


    yeh, this is quality stuff happening here. i'm actually really surprised it hasn't been totally knocked down yet.
  10. one more bump for the hell of ut!
  11. haha you're right. we the Pooh Sticks listed as our only influence so people know we aren't kidding around.
  12. thanks guys. we will definitely play the Sonics this summer.
  13. also i put this on the ole myspace, for those who can't/won't download! http://www.myspace.com/monmops !!
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