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  1. name is christopher. Looking for 1 or 2 GA tickets.
  2. I have one for tonight's show. Message me if interested cfitzpatrick@foxsports.net
  3. just sent you an email from: (cfitzpatrick)
  4. yep I did the same thing for the STL shows. The Texas shows showed up as Sold Out when I first got onsite. I kinda panicked when I actually got to the screen that I had to fill out the info.....wasn't sure it'd ever happen. I could have put down another friends name who would have definitely used the tickets but I didn't study it before clicking "OK". Now I am trying to work out a way to see the Stl show though it'd be easier for me to give them up. I do wonder if they box office will let you sell them back so they can re-sale them. Tickets are handed back all the time for shows,
  5. fitz

    dallas show

    I got tickets for Houston too.... I was told the whole floor was GA. Yeah it could kinda suck but still, I'd rather be there than in a seat on the side. And I would guess that they won't try to pack us in too much. I saw them in New Orleans in '03 and the whole floor was GA, and there was plenty of room to roam... but to get up close... better get in line super early.
  6. fitz

    dallas show

    I got 4 GA tickets as well for the Dallas show. I think the pit area will be fairly large. Went to Springsteen at the AAC and the area was long. Bigger than most venues of a typical Radiohead show….but of course, all of these will be different since this is the "arena tour". But in the end I'm sure it's up to the band.
  7. Sulk is crazy. Everytime I try to sing along my neck strains and my voice gives or misses terribly. I like singing karioke and know just about every note of 95% of Radiohead songs.... but as a general rule I just avoid trying to copy Thom.
  8. I was really getting into it too. Hope we see it up again soon.
  9. As with the last 5 albums this one just improves with every listen. I still have a hard time giving up The Bends as the best "from bang to bullet" album. No weak spots IMO. OK Computer is obviously in every best album discussion. And I include In Rainbows in that category. Other than Doves "Lost Souls" it moved me in a way like no other musically.... in the Oughts. It'd probably be the perfect album if I could every fall in love with House of Cards. But I can get into it -- at best. Other than that I wouldn't change anything. Arpeggi > all Radiohead songs. The lyrics on Videotap
  10. aw just got sick of reading the beginning of this thread. Point being, somebody puts a little effort into a cool and slightly different way of the latest flavor of Radiohead (ie. the deathmatch) and it gets met with so much hostility. I dig it however. But happiness and radiohead message boards rarely coexist i guess.
  11. Yes PLEASE put out more polls. It's annoying enough to read posts from people that have nothing better to do than to argue amongst themselves trying to prove self worth on a fucking message board. A bitch about an album here or a song there. Fine. But the 2 page, big chested state-of-the-union posts are dreadful. At least to me.
  12. the more and more I think about it, this is the best way. I'm finding an addiction to these polls - as I have an addiction with Radiohead
  13. the Astoria performance was magical. Glad a way better song - Blow Out - took this one down. Maybe the easiest one for me. (though I Will is good). Blow Out only gets slighted because it's old - typical on this website
  14. I can't believe it's a tie.... and actual tie with 118 votes tallied. BUT even worse..... I can't believe Morning Bell, with it's perfect drums intro from the Idioteque outro.... then the perfectly executed keys and bass - all that - almost lost to Life in a Glass House.
  15. I never thought much of Backdrifts.... and I dig Banana Co.... always have. But apparently it's too cool these days to like any of the old stuff over the newer stuff, as evidence by the slamming of the Bends on some of these polls.
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