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  1. Actually,if you were high enough,you make OKC about a whale if you tried.
  2. It is very clear that OKC has a recurring theme to it. It's a very special album in every way,and that includes it's lyrics. Sometimes it's theme get a bit fuzzy,but here's my attempt at OKC's storyline. There was an android made in a 1984 modern world. The government is cruel and watches everything the people do in this day and age,and that's why the robot was made-to destroy this government. However,the robot acts decidedly human and looks decidedly human,so it is accepted,though it is really a spy. Airbag-The robot is driving a car,gets in a car wreck,and it's circuits are scrambled
  3. Er... Karma Police Subterranean Homesick Alien Lucky Treefingers High And Dry
  4. What's with all the Idioteque lovers? That song grates at me...
  5. See,you learn something new everyday. Genchildren....
  6. I would love a jazz album! Remember the end of Optimistic? Mmm...yeah.
  7. I only have 3 so... Plenet Telex Subterranean Homesick Alien Kid A
  8. How could a CD break in half? You couldn't have done that on purpose right? Heresy it is in my book! Anyway,yeah. I'm surprised this thread is still alive.... BTW,I got my first copy of OKC last spring.
  9. Thank you for forwarding me to that.
  10. Some people find this song to be out of place,but I love it so much. Hardest rocker on OKC? Yes! Appreciate it!
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