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  1. Just a simple idea that us non superior users should have a delete post button to delete our own posts. Because sometimes you click the "post" button two or three times, and then your stuck with useless posts. In fact, i don't even know why i posted this, i'm barely here anymore anyway..
  2. Lol i noticed that just as i logged in a minute ago. I automatically knew "there must be a thread about this, so i can get some info on it." and so far there have only been posts of Bewilderment...
  3. Someone will want it.....ME After Ceptik 3 i seem to love your music now. Ceptik 3 makes me cry nearly becuase its so good.
  4. Standing on the Edge of Event Horizon is really good.
  5. Liffey, if you could do mine a little bit better with a more real looking person that would be great
  6. For christ sake i'm not 10. And when it hits 20th of December I'll put a christmas sig. Jig the sig *breaks down*
  7. what i used. but every time i tried to draw a santa hat the mouse wobbled and fuked up the drawing
  8. It was hard to do mine because i have a wobbly mouse. mine sucks, so don' say it
  9. What the fuck!!?!?!? i didn't put myself! I'm fucking Deleting it. One of the mods must of done that.
  10. Once again, Interview me. This will be the nerve racking, bladder breaking, bowl popping interview of a lifetime!
  11. Closer to me definetly. And my guess is that there will be Lots of ' Closer to me' and Only one 'Zeitgeist'. Fucking Thread Closed. CAn someone tell me what the fuck happened?
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