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    An airbag saved my life.
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  1. Just a simple idea that us non superior users should have a delete post button to delete our own posts. Because sometimes you click the "post" button two or three times, and then your stuck with useless posts. In fact, i don't even know why i posted this, i'm barely here anymore anyway..
  2. Lol i noticed that just as i logged in a minute ago. I automatically knew "there must be a thread about this, so i can get some info on it." and so far there have only been posts of Bewilderment...
  3. Someone will want it.....ME After Ceptik 3 i seem to love your music now. Ceptik 3 makes me cry nearly becuase its so good.
  4. Standing on the Edge of Event Horizon is really good.
  5. Liffey, if you could do mine a little bit better with a more real looking person that would be great
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