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  1. I was in the front pitch at Manchester - no idea why. My original ticket was general standing but I was online when the survey monkey email arrived and completed it straight away. Sound-wise it was definitely the best RH gig I've been to - although I've read that people further back thought it was a bit low volume. I was at Glasgow last night and a wee bit further back and could definitely have done with more volume - still a great gig though and similar setlist.
  2. http://trnsmtfest.com/ 7th of July - tempting
  3. there are still some floating around https://www.eventim.co.uk/radiohead-manchester-Tickets.html?affiliate=EUK&doc=artistPages%2Ftickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=1769266%249012038&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=229716&from=erdetaila I just picked up 2 seats for the 4th
  4. Nice work .I'm in for Manchester on the 5th. Really didn't expect to make it through the queue - nearly exploded when the page changed. Happy times.
  5. yeah, I abandoned it after a couple of listens - it's not for me at all and i wish they hadn't touched it.
  6. Is this from the Ether Festival in 05? I struggled for a long time with the album version because of this version which I adore. I love it on the album now too.
  7. I heard Wild Wood era Weller first time I heard it. I love a bit of Weller but still not sure that I want it from Radiohead. I've distanced it from The Numbers along with my other 'still not sure' tracks and now have 2 wee playlists . The ones that I love - BTW Ful Stop Identikit The Numbers Tinker Tailor The ones I'm struggling with - for various reasons Daydreaming Decks Dark Desert Island Disk Glass Eyes Present Tense (have loved this song, especially the lyrics, since way back but this version isn't working yet) And track 11, I'm not even trying to struggle with. I've never felt the need to wreck a new Radiohead album before but this is working for me as a way of getting to better like the second list - I hated them last week.
  8. I prefer the old version although it's not a song that I think - 'it's been a while, I must give it a spin'. This Moon version just leaves me cold and there are so many other songs they could have stuck in this slot. I've actually stopped listening to it now, it just feels a bit pointless for me.
  9. Totally agree about the overall album - as I said in the main Moon thread - I love Radiohead best when they make me dance. I love orchestral music - love what it adds to BTW and Tinker Tailor - but a whole album in this kind of style is a bit of a turn off for me. I disagree about GUTG and would happily swap it and codex for Ful Stop and a choirless Identikit.
  10. Deleted my vote for Ful Stop. Despite not feeling this album I am trying to absorb it. On Sunday night I dismissed Tinker Tailor completely - it had just washed over me. It has been sinking its teeth into me since then and this morning I listened to it on repeat for half an hour. That's one seriously smooth piece of scary. Love it.
  11. http://genius.com/Radiohead-glass-eyes-lyrics
  12. Sorry. Old True Love Waits made me sad - it's ruined now. Maybe when I've downed a few Laphroaigs one night I'll see into the magic pool. I'm away to listen to TKOL for now
  13. Last time I posted was during the Scottish Independence Referendum - seems an age ago. After falling in love with BTW and Daydreaming last week I had high hopes but can't say I'm greatly impressed with this album. It's just not what I want to be listening to right now - it seems mostly like a load of fairly bland songs made fancy with some lovely arrangements. Saying that, as well as the first two tracks, Ful Stop gave me a 'thank fuck' moment and after a few listens I've eventually enjoyed Tinker tailor..., Present tense and The Numbers. If I could cut the choir and that guitar out of Identikit then I'd be really happy with it. True Love Waits leaves me cold and I'm quite annoyed that it's on here. The other tracks are not doing anything for me I'm sure I'll find times when I want to listen to this album but can't imagine it'll be often. I prefer Radiohead when they make me dance. Probably still going to buy the vinyl - just in case I see the light.
  14. i heard it every day for almost 2 years when it was stuck in the cd player in my car....we became close...most of us.....scatterbrain was like the crazy cousin
  15. I dunno....just feels wrong to me. I haven't listened to HTTT in a very long time...having a spin now and surprised how emotional it feels.
  16. I will listen to it now and try and be persuaded...again....I'm a reasonable person.
  17. I would have added House of Cards ...but it's become tolerable......just.
  18. Scatterbrain. Amazing lyrics .........the music makes me want to die. I was almost persuaded to like it once, sitting in my car, somewhere in Paisley....but no. No.
  19. Yeah, it was most noticeable for me with The Gloaming...which I've heard live before (and outside) and have felt like it invaded my body..not so this time. I kind of missed that connection.
  20. I'm not long back from my Radiohead Travels (Manchester and London, night 1).....still on a high and trying to take it all in but I'm posting in this thread rather than the London one because this was my favourite night. I was thinking about it on the train home and there are probably a few reasons. Firstly, and nothing to do with the actual music, the O2 is just a pain in the arse. I felt pretty sorry for people who had to work on Monday and then head out there to spend time in the queues. And it's just as crap coming out......I really did feel like some farm animal being herded around. The Manchester set really flowed well...too fast really....but then I never want it to end. The band themselves seemed really happy and enjoying it. I got to hear Planet Telex live, at last....almost cried. Feral made me smile...and dance. GUTG was beautiful. Arpeggi was uplifting. And I loved Twisted Words...even if it was a little faulty....hey ho, it's live! There was a better atmosphere in the crowd at Manchester....more banter. To try and balance it out, London had Spinning Plates and it was divine. My big moans with both Manchester and London was that they both could have had a little more volume and.......... where the fuck was Little by Little?
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