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  1. and here's the followup. in my mind, a shorter, more cohesive collection...older words that i finally put to music, for the most part. http://www.sendspace.com/file/j6mg6b
  2. alright so this is the debut, recorded at the request of a good friend of mine. in my eyes, it's less cohesive than the next one i'll up, but there are a few decent tracks on here, i think. i'd love it if you gave it a listen and constructively criticized me. http://www.sendspace.com/file/48j42u the next one'll be up in a bit
  3. figured i'd ask first. it's all stuff i've recorded in my living room/back steps for the past few weeks.
  4. dude buiy like an sg and be like wail wail wail wail
  5. THIS JUST IN the book has been corrected, which is great. there were a few blatant typos. SO IF YOU WERE WAITING FOR THE CORRECTIONS, NOWS THE TIME GET IT NOW WHILE THE GETTINGS GOOD thanks
  6. oh grt. get mad at someone who didnt give radiohead a good review, storm around a bit, then get high. i dont miss you very much
  7. brad mehldau is awesome. his other radiohead stuff ios great as well
  9. not much. but to be honest, if you dont mind amazon taking all of your money, i dont mind not making any. i'd be happy just to know someone besides my immediate friends and family read it
  10. well, kind of. i think i get like, $1 for every book ordered over amazon. so that kind of sucks.
  11. so, i wrote this book. as some of you may know, i go to an arts-based school and for my senior thesis, writing majors all write 100 pages. the program has a deal with a print on demand company called booksurge, which is owned by amazon. long story short, my book is on amazon. here, to be precise. so, buy it and read it if you like. it's a short read, but i think its good. it's kind of an internal monologue, sort of stream of consciousness rant about my mind this past year. another thing: this first edition has a few typos and things...i should have them fixed in the next week or two, and i will tell you all when it's fixed. so if that kind of thing vbothers you, you might want to wait. anyway...that's it. thanks.
  12. definately not what i would've expected from you roger, but after reading what youve said i kind of understand. not bad. not really my tastes, but as an ex drummer, i salute you
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