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  1. Ours haven't come in yet. I'm still in the anticipation process. We bought during the WASTE presale, and I'm not sure how the guys asked for them, but I'm hoping we get stubs. MBP
  2. All their new stuff. I've been crossing fingers for Burn the (WHITE?) Witch. Here's hoping. MBP
  3. You people are hilarious. After the first person said that they'd purchase them it was basically a done deal. My friends ended up getting 9 for the presale altogether. I'm so lucky. MBP
  4. Guten Tag, Salutations, and Hello. It has taken me many a month to discover this site. Yes, one may think me to be pathetic in that sense. But after recently gaining Front Row tickets to a Radiohead concert (particularly one in the upcoming months), I've decided to push forward my finding of a site. Now that you're all jealous, Good Night. MBP
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