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    A Reminder. or Everything In Its Right Place. or Like Spinning Plates. or Sit Down Stand Up.
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    thats like choosing your favorite child...its just wrong.
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    no one else matters. radiohead is everything.

    i do like other bands, but if i could never see them or hear them again, i would be ok with that.
  1. I need a GA ticket for tomorrow (13th)! I almost got scammed twice off craigslist and cant find anything on reddit or fb or anywhere except the massive prices on stubhub. i have a bunch of friends also looking for a ticket. If you hear of anyone with an available GA ticket, please let me know! that show will be a friends 100th show, so i want to be there for that!
  2. if i get tickets to chicago, and i see you there, i will say hi tho i dont know what you look like lol
  3. I have 1 extra Montreal GA waste ticket for both nights I am looking to trade for a GA to Chicago, NYC or Toronto show. Im also willing to buy a GA for Chicago, NYC or Toronto. Thanks!!!!!
  4. Locked out from ticketmaster again!!! I managed to score GA waste tickets to Montreal but thats it. Anyone want to trade a GA to NYC, Toronto or Chicago for a Montreal GA??? Or sell me a GA to NYC, Toronto or Chicago???
  5. dude should have covered up those barcodes. hopefully whoever bought them doesnt get screwed.
  6. naw everyone has the stick figures shaking hands or the minotaur or the bears. i dont want any of those.
  7. maybe this minus the radiohead text https://jasonfeldman.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/radiohead-1.jpg
  8. it will probably end up being one of the bends-era line drawings....
  9. naw.....dont really want text....
  10. lol no one would ever get to see it if i did that. and it would get kinda deformed on boobs.
  11. I want a radiohead tattoo, but i have not figured out what I want yet. no bears. and dont want "radiohead" anywhere. i only want true radiohead fans to recognize it. show me your radiohead tatts! im thinking maybe some bends era shit...
  12. Please help me out! Ive already bought my flight from Canada to Norway. I just need one floor ticket to the Jun 6 show in Oslo. I found a jun 7 and jun 9 tickets already. Thanks!!! janelle
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