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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_55UYtPj4N4
  2. I am socked with Go slowly...what an atmospheric song!! My rating list... 1)Go slowly 2)Up on the Ladder...wonderful bits... 3)4 minute warning 4)Last flowers...i love thoms voice when craking... 5)Down is the new up 6)Bangers and Mash...weird and very fast..i like it ps - Mk1-Mk2....whats the point?
  3. +1 I don't like the reggae versions but those 3 covers of Eliza Lumley are very sweet......
  4. It is by far the best version of there there.....but does anyone has it in full version/mp3?
  5. I think that arpeggi is the second best...my favourite is Videotape and i definitely put it in radiohead's Top Ten ever....just hear the studio version with thom alone at the piano...it is so f... gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0MI3gtaqfY
  6. Also.... Life in a Glass House-Children of men How to disappear completely-Life as a House Everything in its right place-Vanilla Sky
  7. For me the best song of the album is Analyse...specially the live mercury version Does anyone has a link to download Harrowdown Hill [Extended Mix] ?
  8. In the past a download a version of THERE THERE (a bunch of obscure radiohead tracks-TMGLMOAT Demo)......but it wasnt the full version...the track starts with the lyrics just cause you see it doesn't mean its there......does anyone has the full version??
  9. It's amazing.....can anyone upload it to rapidshare??
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