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  1. Wow, I can't believe it but I got two for Chicago on saturday night. I almost went for sunday though cause I figured second night would be better. I tried buying both in two windows but it wouldn't let me. It took me three tries though. I put in one credit card and it said internal error, then another internal error, then the third time it let me buy them. Whew!!! I am pumped, a little expensive, but I am pumped. They're more than my Muse tickets and those are in a lower bowl box suite. Oh well, I'd pay anything probably...
  2. Yea I was thinking 10am cst maybe for chicago, but maybe both will be pst. And to think i could have slept in that much longer cause I don't have work til 2pm
  3. So a little while ago on DAS Thom posted a link to the Wave site for climate change or whatever. Does anyone what song that is that plays when you go to the website? I really like that guitar part.... Thanks
  4. arosen


    I actually had a friend from Chicago text me today saying they were playing Tampa, FL in May 2010. I asked him where he got this info from and he said he googled it.... He said something about FL and TX dates.... To be honest, until I hear from the mouth that is Radiohead, I won't get excited about anything. Until they have dates up on DAS I'm not believing anything I hear. And why would they only play the south, that's silly. So we're expecting a 2010 record right? So why not a 2010 tour? But you just never know with these guys. For all we know they have everything planned and next week they randomly post on DAS tour dates for the coming year... Only time will tell... But like I said, I don't care NME or some magazine says they're touring 2010, until the boys say it themselves, it doesn't exist to me....
  5. Yea that has some good stuff on there for sure. Here's another one: http://ilovetrampolines.blogspot.com/ Some of it is kind of folky for my taste but some if its alright. I kind of go by if an album cover or band name catches my eye I listen to some samples on itunes or other places and if I enjoy it well, i download it...
  6. My pleasure. I've done quite a bit of downloading off Mortigi Tempo, glad I could provide something. Durden Singer, if you wanted to upload those that would be great. Honestly I don't love the music, but am curious to hear the very early work.
  7. Over the summer NA tour, I was super close and could see Jonny using MacBook and during videotape he was using this program, and was manipulating the drum sound by changing some level bars of some sort (I'm having a hard time explaining it). I was all "damn I want that program"... Anyone know which one that is?
  8. Well, when people post albums in "Other Stuff - Upload and Share" they put the hxxp instead of http, maybe so you're not actually posting the music and once you paste it you change it to http? Idk... Anyway... I found it on: http://disorderyan.blogspot.com/ It was a few pages into it. I actually downloaded quite a few pretty good bands/albums I never had heard of before on there...
  9. This may have come up before (I'm sure it has) but I'm too lazy to search if it did... So I was looking through this music blog, and I came across what was listed as "On A Friday Demo". I downloaded it, and while I doubted from the sound at first that it was actually them, it is for sure Thom's voice. There's a really shitty version of "How can you be sure". The sound quality is not that bad, it says it's from 1991. Anyone else ever come cross across this? What do you guys think? Here's the track list and the link to download it... 1. Keep Strong 2. Somebody Else 3. I Want to Know 4. I'm Coming Up 5. Jerusalem 6. What Is It That You Say 7. Something To Hate 8. I Can't (Stop Loving You) 9. Without You 10. Give It Up 11. How Can You Be Sure 12. Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth 13. Rattlesnake In The Big City 14. The New Generation hxxp://www.mediafire.com/download.php?z9err1kp0tl
  10. is everyone else's really pixelated? or is that just mine...? sweet though...
  11. Well I quickly read through this thread and it made me realize something. I just ordered the guitar tab version with the bonus songs included. It arrived at my home and I was disappointed to find no piano sheet music. I now realize that there is another version, the one that is linked in the first post to the thread, that includes piano. I must immediately order this version.
  12. We're not going to get a better version of Toronto are we?
  13. Me too, comfy and cool in Toronto. I Stood next to this dude who was HUGE. I was dead center with the lights, a few people into the fray. I didn't need to be at the rail, i was maybe 25-30 feet back from the stage dead center, it was perfection...
  14. I see... and what about after? My buddies and I are all 22, we want to go out after and find a good bar scene, were not really into clubs and what not... any suggestions? We're staying at the Days Hotel on Carlton, so anything near there is cool too
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