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  1. those sound really good. thanks for the heads up crosses fingers for full recording!
  2. I dont remember them telling anyone to clap. If the artist asks for it then it is fine by me. But I go to shows all the time in LA and all they know to do is clap their hands. People where clapping their hands at an Animal Collective show for crying out loud!
  3. The LA crowd is horrible! For some reason they think that clapping along to songs sounds good....drives me fuckin' nuts.
  4. Damn dude, thats awesome. I would have loved to have talked with Eric. Where were you sitting? The show was amazing. Definitely way better than I expected. There was such a good vibe about the whole night.
  5. I really really hate ticketmaster. I was ready before 10am. Then when it rolled around I was able to get tickets for orchestra row K. I selected the paperless ticket option then hit the "continue" button (or whatever it was) and then I got some bullshit error and lost those tickets. Now I am sitting nosebleed on the monday show. Still thankful I got any tickets at all...but fuck ticketmaster nonetheless
  6. are there any good recordings of the sunday show yet? mp3 and video wise.
  7. I also thought th Liars were pretty good too. "This song is dedicated to my favorite drummer in the whole world, Phil. He took his kids on this tour with him. I like to talk to his kids about stuff. This is what I talk to them about... AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I thought that was hilarious.
  8. The show was amazing and the lights were award winning (if there are any awards for lights?). Me and my girlfriend sat in Section E, Row 4, right on the inside of the section. So they were pretty good seats. Contrary to what everyone else is saying, but most of the people around me were dancing and freaking out and smoking and having a good time. It was nice because I didn't feel so out of place. However, I wish the Bowl ushers wouldn't have let people move and stand in the isles (or basically where ever they pleased). I didn't mind if people were in front of us and not obstructing our view but a couple of annoying people walked right in front of us and it kind of threw off any type of groove or rhythm I'd get in to because I would have to ask(argue) them to move. I can't reiterate how amazing the light show was. For a couple of the songs the light show + the music literally made me trip out. I would just close my eyes and move my head to the music and even though my eyes where closed it was like I was still seeing the lights through my other senses...it was awesome. Great show and yeah the LA crowd is pretty lame, but my section was fine. I saw Toby Macguire (or whoever it is that plays spiderman) when we were leaving.
  9. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll post more about it in the morning. good night!!
  10. or maybe we will take one of those bowlbus rides from the zoo or ventura lot
  11. Since the whole parking thing seems to be quite the ordeal me and my girlfriend are leaving pretty early. Getting there maybe around 3, find parking, then get something to eat or make a picnic and bring it in if they let us.
  12. i really wish we knew our seats. The whole p1 p2 p3 p4 thing is still confusing to me.
  13. i went like lightning speed trying to get tickets...no avail.
  14. i've heard you can even bring like a picnick basket full of food and what not...even alcohol. but that may just be for the philharmonic concerts.
  15. its too bad that bad luck had to out weigh that for a lot of people
  16. Im guessing they dont say anything about the seating for this presale?
  17. I'll give you two of my sunday p2 tickets for two of your p1 tickets =P
  18. is the ticketmaster/kroq presale 10am PST? or EST?..
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